October 16, 2015

cool stuff i like

 A very happy Friday to you, my spookies. It's getting pretty chilly in the mornings - we've had some fog, which then has been burning off into beautifully clear blue skies - the leaves are crunching on the sidewalks and everyday, Andrew and I look at each other and exclaim for the 50 millionth time - FALL TIME IS THE BEST TIME. He never tires of it and he grew up here! I never tire of it, especially because I did NOT grow up here. Life lately has been filled mostly with navigating J's soccer schedule, homework, and trying to get to bed on time, while also finding time to cuddle up and read. I was racing out of her bedroom the other night after stories, and she was asking for a few minutes of extra cuddle. I was trying to tell her all about what I had to do and she said sadly, I understand Mama, and then I felt like dirt smeared on the bottom of a shoe. I had one of those omg moments - she wants to cuddle and whatever it was I thought I needed to get done after I put her to bed just doesn't cut it in terms of importance and how could I have ever thought otherwise?

So many fun things to share this week:

A new Kinfolk book.

Check out this Instagrammer - howaboutcookie. She does super fun things with kid lunches!

You MUST see my friend Amelie's home renovation.

In Halloween-esque movie news, 'The Mummy' film is getting a re-boot? And it might be a female Mummy? The 1999 movie is one of my favorite films of all time, fyi.

Delightful. Chris Pratt is my favorite.

Just ordered this set for a Christmas present for Julia.

Glazed baked apple cider doughnuts.

Don't say I didn't warn you. The ultimate rabbit hole, once you start you have to keep reading....

I'm not sure I've had a dancing face either lately. But it's good to try!

Halloween cupcakes from my friend Julia.

Darling books about fashion from This Picture Book Life.

Cool Book of the Week: 'The Accidental Afterlife of Thomas Marsden' by Emma Trevayne. We have another of her books, and I'd love to get this one as well! Twelve year old Thomas goes grave robbing with his father in Victorian England, and discovers a strange thing in a grave they dig up -- a doppelganger of Thomas, down to every last detail. This bizarre finding, along with stranded faeries (spelled with an 'e' who find themselves in danger from a wicked magician), and steampunk London, all wrapped into an adventuring supernatural mystery aimed at ages 8-12.

 We're hoping to get some pumpkins this weekend. The Costume Has Arrived, and my friends, we've outdone ourselves this year (Julia came up with the concept and I found the elements). I can't WAIT to take photos and show them off after Halloween!



  1. OH MY GOSH! That version of The Mummy is one of my favorite movies, too!! I LOVE it! When Evie proclaims "I AM A LIBRARIAN" to Rick...one of my very favorite scenes in a movie, ever. I have the DVD, and the different commentaries are delightful.

    To me, this movie has it all, romance, adventure, humor, and of course-mummies. I honestly don't see how any movie can top Stephen Sommers version!

    1. we are SOUL SISTERS! yes to EVERYTHING you said about The Mummy! I own it too! Andrew gave me it to me as a present one year, because he knew it was my favorite. I really find it incomprehensible to believe it can be improved upon in any way, but I'm willing to go see. I hope they don't ruin the whole deal by making it too gory or scary or something dumb like that.

      seriously LOVED your comment!

  2. Excellent list, my friend, and I can't believe you've shared my stuff TWICE IN A ROW!!! You're the best. Have you seen the Kinspiracy instagram page? You've got to read the about section first. http://thekinspiracy.tumblr.com/

    1. Um that's because you're so full of AWESOME! no, I haven't seen that but I'm sure I love it already - there's a lot of gold to mine in terms of mocking, I know! My husband is first in line.

  3. I am so glad our family is not the only one to be currently pumpkin-less. My children are very annoyed with me, but random things just keep preventing us. Hopefully I can pick up some cider, too, because we are out and I want to have some of those doughnuts.

    1. i'm hoping to get a Cinderella old fashioned pumpkin this year - I love those! Haven't had one of that kind in a long time. And hey, it's all good - there's another half of October to go!

  4. Little Sis and I are going to the pumpkin patch with the Girl Scouts on Sunday! So excited to stock up. We only have little mini right now. It's time. I LOVE FALL!!!!

    I so envy Amelie's light and room. My house feels so dark and dingy and overstuffed these days. I still need to watch the '90s Mummy. I know, I know... Love the Chris Pratt bit. Did you see this yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cV4ay2-0tPQ Omigosh, I did the same thing with the Afterschool Special Wikipedia! Really, though, I should never look at Wikipedia late at night, because I will find myself clicking every link, then clicking every link on every link, and before I know it, it's four in the morning. This has happened more than once, and yes, the Afterschool Specials entry was one of those times.

    I got your beautiful card! Thank you so much. xoxo Happy Autumn and October and Halloweeniness to you!

    1. Oh you are so welcome! I tell you...it was hard to give it up but I knew it was going to the right place!!

      WHAT?! I think I did not know, or I blocked it out, about you not seeing The Mummy. How?? Why?? Oh you MUST. I guess I know what needs to arrive at your house for Christmas....

      I have so much Amelie House Envy as well - oh my goodness that flipping LIGHT. I would rob or steal someone for it! My house does not have particularly good natural light, except for in the morning in one room only. Sometimes if it's really sunny I get some good light in my kitchen, but it's golden backlighting, which is nice, but I long for that kind of really light, white, BRIGHT light that occurs in homes with tons of windows and all white inside. I think we need to just show up at her house someday and have a blogger conference. I don't think she'd mind, ha ha ha!

  5. Love this list. Always fun to poke around this one and see what's out there.



    1. So glad you like, darling Allison!! you know what I miss, speaking of poking around? PINTEREST. It's been seriously months since I went down my Pinterest feed. I need a sick day so I can just lay in bed and scroll down my Pinterest feed. I can't believe I just typed that......:)

  6. I hear you. It's hard. There's always something to do. But then cuddles are so delicious, precious, and fleeting.

    I love fall too. I grew up in Florida so I too never ever ever tire of it.

    Fantastic home reno! Wow.

    Yay for Narnia!

    Wow. That lack of smiley face story was tough. Again. It's hard. I try to pepper my seriousness with lots of silliness. I'm hoping it balances itself out.

    1. i LOVE your new name tag! love love! always something to do, but really cuddles must take top banana spot on the priority list.....isn't Amelie's house just the charmingest? Still obsessing over all the windows and the red exterior. Just delightful!