October 23, 2015

cool stuff i like

A very happy Friday to you, my spookies. And doesn't this fog filled scene look spooky? Aren't fog and mist the best? I just read a good book for this time of year, I'm soooooo late to this party, but I finally read 'Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children' - it was a fun read! I'm also reading, wait for it....the FIFTEEN cookbooks I checked out from the library. Apparently, I should not be on the library hold site after a certain hour of day. I was like, Oh I'll check this one out! And this one! And this one, just because I CAN! I checked out so many, I had to make two trips in and out of the library, because they were too heavy to carry in one go. I'll take a picture of my lovely stack over the weekend and share on Instagram.

Online finds this week:

I think every year I want to make constellation pumpkins and I never do. I always forget! I really want one.

Halloween candy bark recipe.

An autumn colored warming drink - turmeric milk. 

'The Royal We' is supposed to be a really fun read - and now it's going to the screen.

Not sure how 'The Mermaid's Sister' passed me by, but I must read it.

I can't even.....so excited....new 'Star Wars' trailer.

This is A Very Cool Idea.

Me, with my 15 cookbooks from the library - of course I also like this idea!

Just discovered this beautiful Instagram feed.

Ode to pumpkin pie.

Cool Book of the Week: 'Seen and Not Heard' by Katie May Green just looks all kinds of AWESOME. The gist is that the children, depicted in the old fashioned portraits hung in an old mansion, come out of their art frames at night and have themselves a good time! When I read the tag line "Edward Gorey meets Downton Abbey....", I was hankering to see more. The art is so much fun, it reminds me a tiny bit of 'Eloise'. I love this take on a haunted house story!

Have a lovely weekend! Still don't have  our pumpkins picked out yet. I have a neighbor who had about 20 last year - they have relatives who grow pumpkins on a farm! They should have been on the news, their pumpkin display was so impressive. I want to get a Cinderella pumpkin, do any of you like those? The dark reddish orangey ones that are kind of flat and squat-shaped? I love those.



  1. A couple things...first of all, how did I not know Lauren Graham wrote a book???

    I really enjoyed The Royal We-and I love Mae Whitman. She isn't at all physically close to the character in the book, but I am fine with that, because I think she is adorable.

    I laughed out loud at your having to make two trips out of the library because of all the books, boy have I been there. I have this large, heavy duty book bag-but I have had to cut myself off when I realized I could barely lift the thing to make it to the checkout counter! Then dragging it to my car-too bad they don't offer help with your carry out :)

    1. I knew but then promptly forgot, ha - and apparently it's GOOD. I want to read it! And here's what's funny about the library thing - what I should have written was that it was actually two WHOLE TRIPS to the library, because the first time I was really pressed for time and I could only go in for the one load! I'm telling you....such a feeling of POWER and RECKLESS ABANDON with that library 'confirm hold' button......:)

  2. UGH, I saw Seen and Not Heard at the bookstore and wanted it so much. I left it, checked the library, and alas! - they don't have it. It's so cool, though! So glad you liked Miss Peregrine's. The next book is even better. (I just blogged a bit about the third one today, which I liked. The second is my favorite, though.) Turmeric milk sounds interesting. What a gorgeous Instagram feed! Can't believe I missed The Mermaid's Sister. I made my first pumpkin pie last week. It was a quickie - canned pumpkin, because my real ones are still on the porch - but soooooo good. I needed pie. Badly. :) Have a lovely weekend, my wonderful friend!

  3. I would totally be in a cookbook club with you!

  4. I want to do my hair like Juliane! And hold lovely flowers like that. Great feed, thanks for sharing, I'm definitely following. I'm hearing a lot of great things about Miss Peregrine's- I just worked a book fair for middle schoolers and they were all over it, I love seeing tweens getting excited about reading!

  5. Hey did you ever post that cookbook stack?

    Ok I kinda want to try that tumeric milk. Have you?

  6. Hey did you ever post that cookbook stack?

    Ok I kinda want to try that tumeric milk. Have you?

    1. that post aired on November 3, 2015! go see!! :) Or copy and paste this link :)