November 6, 2015

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday! Took this in my backyard - the fall color this year has been really pretty grand. How's the time change treating you? I hate it, as per usual, and I haven't been feeling well and not my normal cheerful self - but then I went over to a friend's house and she had a little black pot filled with some water and orange peels and a cinnamon stick and I felt a surge of happy gratitude. I think I'm going to try, this November, to put things on my Instagram for which I'm grateful. It'll be a nice photo project for the month!

Just in case you missed - the NY Times 2015's best illustrated children's books.

You have to see these images! Mid-autumn lantern festival.

And.....the NY Times weighs in on which pie pan to use.

The other letter. Some friends put this on FB and we all had a collective 'wow' moment!

This is my whole life's ambition.


This is on my Pinterest, and I may have posted it before, but this idea is really so cool and clever.

An autumn landscape. 

A granny-chic bohemian Christmas.

My friend Katie has designed some DARLING holiday card templates!

Cool Book of the Week: 'The Whisper' by Pamela Zagarenski just looks GORGEOUS, doesn't it? And the premise is as intriguing as the art - a little girl brings a book home only to discover that most of the words have slipped out, leaving just the pictures - so she has to imagine what the stories might be. And so can the reader!

Have a lovely weekend! Do you have plans? Mine involve putting away the Halloween decorations and trying to decide if I want to decorate with anything else fall-like before December.



  1. Funny, our house is 950 square feet! Ugh! so while I do feel we can always buy less (except when it comes to books!!) I do wish for more space...but not necessarily to fill, but to just have a PRIVATE MOMENT IN THE (ONE) BATHROOM!! :-)

    But we are going to start a remodel which will add about 300 more sf, plus a powder room. So we'll finally have TWO TOILETS in the house! Whew.

    1. yes bathrooms! that's always the thing I think of when it comes to the 'tiny house movement' - there are a lot of high bathroom needs in our family LOL, and more than one bathroom is indeed a VERY GOOD THING!!

  2. I love the concept of hygge and you display it so well in your photos. I think I'm going to have to share that one on Social because it's really resonating right now.

    As for pie pans, it depends upon the crust! If you've got a sturdy, cream-cheese or shortening-based crust, you can definitely use any pan. If you're going for butter (the BEST) and not par-baking, then, yeah, you might want metal. Just my 2 cents!

    Aaack! I LOVE Aunt Peaches blog! You introduce us to the best blogs, Melissa. Thank you.



    1. oh COOL about further clarity re the pie pans, i've been very confused lately!

      omg you will LOVE Aunt Peaches! She's AMAZING. she is seriously one of the coolest and most unique blogs out there.

  3. I LOVE that other letter. I saw it last week and it's fantastic. Reminds me of that yes day you had with your girl.

    Fantastic lantern pics.

    I'm starting felt ornaments for the tree. My thoughts are they're baby friendly, the girls can touch them and play with them, and later they will help me make more felt ornaments. I'm thinking it's a way to keep Christmas something hands on and personal. And felt ornaments are so light weight they're easy to store. So eventually my tree will look like that. So thank you. This link/pic made me smile.

    That child's own thing reminds me of the new stuffed animals Ikea has.

    What a precious little garden shed!

    1. Felt ornaments are THE BEST. And kid friendly! I have started a felt ornament collection the past few years and I now like them better than my glass ornaments.

  4. I'm saving that article about hygge. Brilliant. My life's ambition too. Especially in the winter. When you have to be happy and kind to yourself inside.

  5. My hold on The Whisper came in yesterday! And Little Sis got Red Sings from Treetops for her birthday, so we can really soak up the loveliness of Zagarenski's illustrations this week. I would love turn some of Little Sis's less-scary illustrations into softies someday. You know what I think of Scandinavian winters. I wish we had the snow and Northern Lights to go with ours. I am very tired of STUFF right now. I need to hit the girls' rooms and sort and purge. All the stuff makes me sad. The pie plate article is interesting. I don't care for my Pyrex plates (and I have several) because none of mine are very deep. My red ceramic plate is deep and holds more filling with less spillage. Hmmm...

    1. Red Sings from Treetops is so amazing!! I am really not looking forward to sorting through all of Julia's stuff in her room soon. She is the original hoarder!!