November 23, 2015

cool stuff i like

Happy......Monday? That felt weird to type!! If you recall, I posted a book last Friday, and today is Cool Stuff day because I won't be here the day after Thanksgiving. Because the second T-day is over, I'll be hauling out my Christmas deco. The kiddo (seen in a blur up above) is beyond excited because there might be a faint dusting of snow tomorrow, and even though the news is saying it's not supposed to be a snow "event" (snow around here is often an "event"), any snow would be exciting, since we didn't get ANY last year!

Fun things to look at online this week - I made it extra long to make up for this being the only post of the week:

I just got officially excited for this movie.

LOVE this faux stained glass ornament kit.

Be thankful, be useful.

I'm like a broken record about this, but Darcy always has the best, and simple to do, activities for her kids.

WHOA. This is a GREAT holiday gift guide!

5 Christmas books for kids.

A simple cold weather dinner recipe.

Super cute stocking stuffer idea.

Pumpkin pudding gingersnap pie.

Snippets of autumn.

Did anyone know that Anthropologie (oh Anthro...) had a blog???

My husband and I just began watching 'The Man in the High Castle' on Amazon, and it's RIVETING - (Andrew also owns the book, but says I can't read it until we've watched the show all the way though, because he knows otherwise I'll just peek at the back page and spoil things for myself).

Cool Book of the Week: Ooooooooh I saw this in a store last week and nearly passed out. Really, books have this effect on me. GORGEOUS. GIFT ALERT. Big and beautiful and stunning and SO cool - 'The Wonder Garden' by Jenny Broom and Kristjana S. Williams is a feast for the eyes that depicts five of Earth's most unique habitats (and the animals who live in them), such as the Great Barrier Reef, the Himalayas, the Black Forest and the Amazon Rainforest, as well as the Chihuahuan Desert. The art, the colors, the way the information is presented....just knocked me flat. If your child or someone else's child that you care about is a nature buff, do not let this one get away, it's just STUNNING. (Image credit below: Amazon)

Have a LOVELY weekend! I wish all the time that Thanksgiving just jumped ahead to the day after - when you can eat pie for breakfast and have turkey sandwiches for lunch and dinner. I wish for all those celebrating, and all those not - to have some time to sniff the pie and roses before holiday mania sets in.



  1. Melissa,

    That photo is absolutely stunning. I cannot even look through the links. It beautiful.



    1. thaaaaaaaank you soooooooo much! you made my day feel all happy and squishy. :) now go read the links! :)