November 20, 2015

wild child

Oooooh this book. 'Wild Child' by Lynn Plourde and Greg Couch is just so flipping beautiful I can't stand it. I don't really buy picture books anymore, since my child is almost ten, but I still buy them when the right one comes along. You know, for my future grandchildren. But it has to be soooooo special and soooooo beautiful for me to bring another picture book into the house. And this one is.

 The aaaaaaaaaarrrrrt. OMG the art. Like incredible paintings. The one below, you can't see the whole thing because I thought taking a picture of a SWEATER was more important than taking a photo of the entire picture apparently (#propstyling), but in the image below, Mother Earth is standing above her wild child, and her body sort of melts down into the hillside, and it's SO fantastic.

I wanted to show this one to you before we dive into the Christmas Craze around here - it's still autumn for another month, after all. And I had to share this beauty. The gist is that Mama Earth is having a hard time convincing her wild child (Autumn) to go to bed and take a nap. Autumn doesn't wanna. The wild child wants to have a snack (pumpkins and chestnuts!), have a song, get into pajamas (beautiful orange and red leaves), and receive a kiss from her mother before she finally settles down under a blanket of snow.

But poor mama......on the last page, another one of her children dances up to her, announcing that there's no sleeping for mama. Guess who it is - Winter! And I would very much love to see that book! I hope you guys know my drill by now - our tastes might diverge on what really stuns us, book-wise, but rest easy in the knowledge that at this point, I'm not going to put anything up here on the blog unless it's ridiculously beautiful, unique, or cool. This one fits all three of those checkpoints. I was so entranced I had to buy it, and I think I need to have the winter one as well.

(oh and for those who didn't see my comment on Facebook - a power outage put me behind on this post, which I really wanted to get up before Thanksgiving week - so my normal Friday Cool Stuff post will be up on Monday and then I'll be hanging out on Instagram for the rest of T-day week, so come visit over there!)