December 14, 2015

a tasha tudor advent calendar

 My lovelies! Ok, you've heard me chatting away on Facebook about this advent calendar post and how I was working away on it and blahdy blah, and here it finally is. And here is why it took me awhile to get the post up. I'm not the......fastest photographic editor in town, I'm slow and I work on each picture I do individually, instead of batch editing. None of this is important, I'll skip ahead. So anyway, last week we had some really atrociously bad weather, rain rain rain, storm storm storm, dark dark dark. I couldn't figure out how to photograph my beloved calendar and I reeeeeeeeallly wanted to show it off to its best advantage.

And why? Why all the fuss? Well, because last year I saw a Tasha Tudor advent calendar over on Heather's blog, and I freaked out. I had no idea there was such a thing. You might be aware by now that I'm a HUGE fan of Tasha's art (see here), and when I saw that an advent calendar existed, I shrieked and carried on and pestered Heather and ultimately found out that there are actually SEVERAL Tasha Tudor advent calendars available for purchase, and even though I moved too late to get in on the Tasha action last year, I planned ahead and bought one of the calendars in the summertime, and I've been waiting for months and weeks to bring this beauty into play this holiday season. (that was all ONE SENTENCE.)

My friends, I agonized. And dithered. And stewed. And even asked Andrew. (that was a waste of time. he was like, eh they're all nice. nice??! they're AMAZING, is what they are!) I could not, for the life of me, decide between the post office, or the candy shop, or this one, the Christmas festivities scene.

 I chose this one for one reason only - THOSE MICE. Those mice dancing around their very own wee Christmas tree! You can tell I'm officially obsessed with them, as I have three different photos of THOSE MICE doing their holiday thing.

The details. OH the details! I don't have a macro lens, but I've tried as best I can to really give you a flavor of how much intricate, exquisite little details there are on this thing. Every time you look, there's a new little something to see.

There isn't any chocolate in this calendar - but that's more than ok because every day you open a little window and there's another charmingly detailed little illustration inside. So tiny! So incredibly detailed! It's like Tasha enlisted FAIRIES to draw some of these scenes. Julia and I squeal and ooh and aah with every picture. It's really been a thrill to see what is going to be uncovered each day.

So, I want you to know I'm not showing this to be a tease, or to taunt you. I had to wait until we opened a few windows, because I wanted to be able to show you all what was inside. I'm showing all of this, so that you can do what I did last year, and PLAN and AGONIZE over what kind of calendar to get, if you too are as obsessed by this kind of vintage charm as I am! I'm still agonizing by the way, over what I'm going to get for next year - the post office or the candy store?? Feel free to chime in and help me make up my mind! And did I do ok in conveying the sheer immense level of awesome that's at play here? I hope so. I would want Tasha to be proud of me.

This is our only advent calendar this year, no tiny little presents, like I've done in the past (although occasionally, little treats have just shown up next to our fairy door and sitting next to our Christmas Elf), but this incredible calendar is special enough to stand on its own - she's been utterly thrilled with it!