December 18, 2015

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday! It really can't be possible that we're coming up on the last weekend before Christmas. More than any other month this year, this one has just flown on by. But with each passing year, I enjoy the time between Christmas and New Year's so much more than the weeks immediately before. Let me tell you about all of this RAIN and grey and rain and coldness and rain we've been having around here. And there hasn't been any time to just sit and drink toddies and be cozy. I'm hoping for some of that here and there. The best time during every holiday season for me has always been reading Christmas stories with the kiddo in bed at night. We just finished reading this book, and it was lovely, we both adored it. (hey did you guys see my Tasha Tudor advent post? if not, you MUST see it!)

A lot of movie news this week (are you sneaking out to see 'Star Wars' before or after the holidays??):

These words. This cake.

'Fantastic Beasts'!!!!!!

'Anne of Green Gables' fans - this will make you very happy.

And this might make you sad, 'Love Actually' fans, sniff.

The 'browniest cookie'.

The aaaaaaaaarrrrrrt!!

Has anyone played this game? Just bought it, knowing nothing about it, for an extended family holiday gift exchange.

12 Days of Festive Christmas Inspiration.

My favorite post of the week.

AND this one - Celebrating Solstice. Yes yes yes.

Cool Book of the Week: HA HA! Were you expecting a holiday book? I was expecting to write about a holiday book, until I wandered into a gift store that had these babies on the shelves! 'William Shakespeare's Star Wars' by Ian Doescher! I flipped through and yes, it is written in Shakespeare-ish iambic pentameter. HILARIOUS. And it has fabulous art to boot, don't you love the covers? If you're the ultimate 'Star Wars' nerd, then you might have to find a place in your home for these.....

Have a lovely weekend! Try to find a moment of zen amidst all the doing and going.



  1. In my "I work in the movies" world along with my hardcore nerd world, there is never a question about "before or after" the holidays. The real question is: are you going on or before opening day! (Answer = TONIGHT!) :-)

    1. AWESOME! And OF COURSE. I would expect nothing less from you!!!!! omg have fun!! So jealous!

  2. What an eclectic list! Solstice celebrations, cakes, confessionals. All beautiful.

    Thank you.


    1. Happy weekend before Christmas Miss Allison! Are you feeling crazy or calm? Guess which way I'm feeling, go on guess. :)

  3. Anne of Green Gables, Love Actually, and Design Mom all in one post? I'm in! Lovely post as always, Melissa!

    1. YEAH BABY! Don't you love it? Thank you friend, I'm so glad you liked it and I hope you're loving this holiday time in your new house!!