December 25, 2015

cool stuff i like

 MERRY CHRISTMAS, my merry elves! Or tired elves? I'm wondering if this is the first time that a Cool Stuff list of mine has run on Christmas, the day itself. I've got some lovely things to look at during your holiday weekend, if you feel so inclined. Guess what - last weekend we went to a holiday party, we go every year and it's so beautiful - the parents of a friend of Andrew's throws it every year and there are candles and glittering sparkling glass dishes everywhere. And on a sideboard in the dining room there was a dish of sugared almonds, and jellied candy fruits. I felt like I was in a Dickens novel! I have to tell you, I realized that I don't think I've actually had sugared almonds before and now I'm convinced that I can never go another holiday without them. I feel like I don't want big heavy desserts anymore - I want to do what Nigel Slater suggests in this book - passing around a platter with fancy wrapped candies, little mandarins, sugared almonds and maybe petit fours. Tiny treats, doesn't that sound so nice??

Holidayish and seasonal cool things for you this week:

A great winter Tomte booklist, many of which are beloved favorites of mine - with a bonus rice porridge recipe!

Speaking of porridge.....a darling friend just sent me the link to Neil Gaiman's porridge recipe.

I'm really thinking HARD about doing something similar in my front room, which has a bit of wall like this.

Marzipan chocolate chip cookies.


Shakespearean Christmas carols.

Another great article about 'hygge' - the Danish concept of cozy time.

Did you all see my post from earlier this week? The Little Bear book? Well check this out - 'Miss Flora McFlimsey's Christmas Eve'. Same artist. I MUST HAVE IT.

Just discovered a new-to-me blog, the Homebook. Really charming!

Eggnog three ways.

Cool Book of the Week: 'The Never Girls: A Fairy's Gift' was an early holiday gift for Julia and she just adored it - said it was the best Never Girls book yet! Lovely hardcover, special edition that has a bit more story to it than the other books in the series. If your kiddo is a fan of the other books, you might care to add this to the pile. Julia has really loved the whole series (about real girls who find themselves immersed in Tinker Bell's fairy world) - in this one, the Never Girls are trying to get people to regain their belief in fairies, so that the fairies don't lose all of their magic.

Have a LOVELY holiday weekend! I'm going to be popping in next week with my gingerbread recipe, I hope I hope. And I hope you all have the best day, and get loads of lovely books!



  1. love the article!! Thanks! And merry xmas!!

    1. MERRY holidays my sweet friend!! i loooooooove the time between Christmas and New Years so much, to me it's better than the weeks leading up to Christmas!

  2. I love the little wallpapered wall! I want to make Neil Gaiman's porridge, but it snowed again, and it's just too cozy to go to the store for maple syrup. That doesn't seem cozy. Last night, the girls and I lit candles in the living room and curled up under a huge fuzzy blanket with popcorn, tea and hot chocolate, and read some more Winterfrost. That's our hygge. I would love to collect Mariana books, I think. I think that blog, with all it's pictures of cleaning supplies, will just make me sad. My house will never look like that. Not with the nasty carpet and clutter everywhere that I can't seem to cut because, you know, four people in a very small house. Sigh. Hope you had a merry Christmas! I'm trying to edit pictures and blog again. My goal was Monday evening, so I'm only a couple days behind schedule...

    1. your hygge sounds amazing! i didn't achieve very much hygge at all over Christmas, sadly. January is my prime hygge time! At least I hope it will be. ha ha I feel very much like you do when it comes to cleaning supplies, but #goals amiright? Happy New Year my sweet friend!!