January 1, 2016

cool stuff i like

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Thank you so much to the friends who have been with me here for several years now. I love and treasure the friendships I've made through blogging! There have been times when I thought I wouldn't continue blogging in this space, but....so many books. That I feel the need to share and show-and-tell. Oh - if there are features or ideas or things you'd like to see more of here, please let me know! I'm planning a redesign of the blog in the next few months, and I welcome your input. No, there will never be a long master list of books covered here. I'm just not that industrious or organized. OMG blah blah blog blah, 'Downton Abbey' comes back this weekend!

Things to start off the new year:

Extreme milkshakes. Had no idea this was a thing. I don't think my insulin levels would be able to handle this, but I applaud the idea.

I really need to start doing something like this......

Totally stealing that fairy box idea for next year's holiday.

Natural ways to re-use your tree.

I want this room. I WANT IT BAD.

This would be a cute idea anytime in the winter months or for a sleepover party.

More from Terrain. Which one should I choose? I'm buying a candle for myself as a birthday present. This one or this one? I think the first one, the jar is so beautiful!

My Winter Pinterest board, if you'd like some inspiration for January.

Currently reading this book. Just started, I've been fascinated for ever.

This is a lovely and simple list of ideals for the new year. Thank you Shannon!

Cool Book of the Week: 'Imelda and the Goblin King' by Briony May Smith is a book I had intended to feature last fall, I came across it online and thought it looked SO cool - but somehow it got lost in the Halloween shuffle. Saw it on a very cool site, Flying Eye Books, which has tons of titles for kids that are totally unique and off-the-beaten-track. Imelda lives near a fairy wood and considers the fairies her playmates - until the day the Goblin King steals the fairy queen away! I LOVE the way the fairies are depicted, each a little different, in warm, saturated colors. Do you see the blue one on the cover? Best for ages 5-7.

 Have a lovely weekend! A few more days of our tree, I think I'll take it down on Monday or Tuesday. I'll be so sad to see it go, but then I'll move into Phase 2 of my winter decorating/combat the GREY plan - snowflakes and lights everywhere. I enjoy decorating in January almost as much as decorating our Christmas tree. Happy Happy New Year!


  1. Melissa,

    Each week, I look forward to this list as it gives me 15-20 minutes to poke around the interwebs and discover new things. Love your winter pin board. Amazing. And interviewing the kiddo is definitely something I should start doing each year on her birthday.

    How on earth do you find all these fabulous blogs?



    1. HAPPY NEW YEAR my friend! Ha ha ha. Give me 20 min and I can find anything online.....putting my research lawyer skillZ to good use amiright???

  2. Happy New Year Melissa! I don't comment very often, but your blog has been one of my favorites for a long time! Love your beautiful pictures, and your words, and your books, and your lists and it just seems like a good time to say it. Thank you!

    1. Georgia, thank you! I appreciate your sweet comment so much! I value the friendships I've made via blogging so very much - it's been a wonderful thing in my life. Happy New Year!!

  3. I need that book, because my library doesn't have it and it looks too beautiful to miss. The pomander candle reminds me that I need to make some pomanders because nothing smells better in winter than orange and cloves, in my humble opinion. I used to interview the girls around their birthdays, but they gave me so much grief for it. I should convince them to play along for no reason. Donuts as milkshake toppings? Oh dear. My tummy just gurgles at the thought. I really need to cut the sweet stuff. I do love the little Christmas fairy village idea! I need to get back to blogging normally. I can't believe how crazy 2015 turned out to be. Wishing us all some peace for 2016! Love you!

    1. And I need to stop saying "I..." so much in comments. Except to say I love your lead photo! I want pretty breakfast tables and bookies, too!

    2. OH MY WORD, thank the moon and the stars that Christmas is over and I can finally stop eating so much sugar everyday. I'm all for sweet treats, but as I get older, omg I just get so ill feeling after too much sugar - by far the best treat I had this holiday was a small Christmas pudding from a local British bakery - it wasn't too sweet and came with a little brandy cumberland sauce.

      My big goal for this space is a re-design - it's so overdue! SO overdue. 2015 was hard in lots of ways. I love the new year, it's fast becoming a favorite holiday, because there's such a sense of relief in the fact that one year is over and done and there's a vast blank slate in front of you....I really like that!

      Happy New Year my sweet friend! I think this is the year we finally get to meet! I hope I hope!!!

  4. That cookbook sounds like a good read ♥