February 12, 2016

cool stuff i like

Happy day before Valentine's Day my lovely friends! Oooooh it was devastating to take down our winter window but we had to move onto the next theme. I just cut up some wrapping paper and some cards that I already had around and re-used our garland from last year (which came from this fabulous lady) - we didn't achieve the level of greatness that came from Andrew's incredible snowflake land, but it's fun and cheerful. The photo doesn't show how very very PINK the lights are - they are full on PINK. Got them at Target last year. Oh, be sure and pop over to see this week's 5 Hours 'til Bedtime - this group is blowing me away with their creativity - so fun to get peeks into the after school time in photographer homes around the country....

There was a LOT going on online this week:

A roundup of pink cakes, because, you know, PINK.

20 books about science loving girls.


Great ways to incorporate family photos as decor in the home.

Modern Pastoral - a very cool looking book I want to check out.

How did I not know about all of this casting?? Idris Elba as Shere Khan? Bill Murray as Baloo? FANTASTIC. A new trailer for 'The Jungle Book' just dropped - I seriously can't wait to see.

Aran is totally one of my girl crushes.

Flu fighting stuff.

I was asking Andrew if this news about gravitational waves meant that the stuff in 'Interstellar' could happen now, and he was like, "probably not", and now I'm disappointed.

The best thing I read this week. Can't believe I'm just finding out about Michelle Gardella's work. Loved this bit:  "...it's OK to show up in the world and not be trying to make a buck. It's OK to write because you have to write or photograph because you have to photograph, and let that be that. It's OK to create to save your life."

Cool Book of the Week: So, 'Tumtum & Nutmeg - The Rose Cottage Tales' by Emily Bearn is not a new book. I'm sure many of you have kids who've read these already. But my kiddo is just now getting into them! We were gifted this book a couple of years ago from a sweet relative, and now it's our current read-aloud. And then the other day, Julia came home with this one down below from her school library. You guys, these books are delightfully sweet. So charming! A little mice couple lives in a grand lodging of a cupboard, which is within the not so grand lodging of an old rundown house, belonging to a sweet human family. The mice take pity on the two motherless children of the household, and decide to 'adopt' them and help them in various mouse-like ways. Many Adventures Ensue. Have you read this one? Or any of the others?

Have a LOVELY weekend! Instead of our usual pink pancakes, tomorrow I'm making cherry scones with cherry jam. I got this mix. I hope you all have a wonderful day that has some pink and chocolate in it, preferably both.



  1. The window looks so sweet! I absolutely love it!
    Those Tumtum and Nutmeg books look adorable, too bad I think my 5 1/2 year old is too young for the length. I'll have to try to remember it in the future!
    Thanks for the link of science books . .. already put a few on request at the library.
    I don't always comment, but I do love finding great books here! Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you so much Miss Megan! For the lovely words and taking the time to write them down here - I appreciate that so much :)

      Yah I forgot to add an age range for the Tumtum & Nutmeg books - I think they're great for ages 7-10 :) The covers seem all cutsey-poo but they're actually a fair amount of mouse adventure plot ha ha ha :)

  2. Happy Valentine's Day, Melissa!

    Your window is romantic.

    The entire Smoko website is pretty kawaii. Dying!

    Love the quote there, especially as I have never really been able to apply myself to monetizing my blog. I just do it because I have to share some part of my life in words and pictures. Sometimes I judge how open I ma there or how I incorporate personal details into a post about cake, but that woman laid it OUT and it is beautiful. I will totally be reading her from now on.

    Can I just say that I now look forward to these lists like never before? With everything going on down here, I cannot wait to savor your finds for 10-30 minutes on a Saturday afternoon while Lulu watches some cartoon with her dad in the next room.

    And now, back to writing.


    1. omg it is and thank for mentioning because I didn't even look around at the site! just saw the shoes and off i went. i need to go poke around there....

      that is the SWEETEST and kindest comment - i'm so glad! it's all about carving just a bit of time to relax and chill out on stuff right? Instagram is that for me right now!

  3. We ADORE Tumtum & Nutmeg!!!

  4. Sorry I'm so behind in commenting. I really do prefer my desktop,but I think it's sick. It's sooooooo slow. I love your Valentine's Day window. Our Valentine's Day weekend was so blah. Only Big Sis had a party at school, and I spenthe first half of the day working on a project for teachers, then went home with a headache and missed the party! Little Sis's class is having PRO today, though. How cute and funny is that?! I'm headed there in a couple of hours. That book sounds darling, and everyone needs light-up unicorn slippers, right?

    1. ummmmm, i'm so behind on blogging!!!! any comment, any time is a lovely and wonderful comment to me! i can't even comment anywhere except my laptop so kudos to you! i should have my husband help me figure that biz out. everyone needs unicorn light up slippers FOR SURE.

    2. Obviously, I text terribly. PROM, not PRO. Jeez. Do I even make sense here? UGH.

    3. oooooh a little prom? how cute!! take pix!!

  5. I love all those blown up family fun photos in minimalist frames. I need to do that.

    Ha! Those slippers!

    Modern Pastoral! I'm a HUGE fan of her blog.

    SO saving that book list.