February 19, 2016

marmalade wars

Happy Friday! No Cool Stuff post today - so many things going on this week, and if I don't have the opportunity to find The Stuff, then I don't like to force it and put up Not Quite As Cool Stuff. Or Mediocre Stuff. I'd rather have No Stuff than Lame Stuff. So today there is No Stuff.

Today we'll have some marmalade, though.

I think I've mentioned that we're having this crazy citrus thing going on in our house lately. I've made two lemon cakes, we've been eating every kind of orange there is, we've been putting lemon curd on biscuits, and we eat one jar of marmalade a week, I think.

Our favorite breakfast (me and Andrew) in the whole wide world is a boiled egg (me) or a fried egg (Andrew) with toast and jam and some tea. I could eat it every day pretty much forever and I think I would never get tired of it. So there we were, BOILING THOSE EGGS, and Andrew pushed down the toast and asked me to get the marmalade out. And TO MY HORROR, I saw that there was not very much in the jar. And I was like, uh, dude. There's not enough marmalade left for both of us. AND THAT SUCKS. I was pretty sure that we had no other jam in the house. It was totes disappointing.

Note: 'Totes' - where did that word spring from? Did bloggers invent it? I used to revel in my utter disdain for anyone/anyplace/any written or spoken form of communication that used the word 'totes', and I would only mention it to laugh heartily at it. And then......it just insidiously crept in like a snake, that word 'totes' - and now I no longer just use the word ironically. I USE IT ALL THE TIME. I CAN'T STOP SAYING IT.

Anyway, I sadly showed Andrew the jar and was all, 'Did you really eat all the marmalade again?' And breakfast was in ruins. I might as well as have fed my egg to Nomi and pulled out a container of yogurt.

I like to use jam in terms of vertical height. As in, you can measure how tall it is on the bread. I don't smear it on, I heap it on. I like jam a lot. I used to sneer at my mother when I was younger and we lived in the same house -- I'd be all, is there even any bread underneath all that jam?? I thought it was gross the way she would pile on so much jam. And now I do it.

But basically I didn't think the two big spoonfuls of marmalade that were left in the jar were going to cut it, and Andrew laughed at me and said there was more than enough jam for the both of us, and I was like, no there isn't, and he was like, yes there is, you're crazy (maybe he was more polite about it, but basically he was indicating that I had some kind of jam problem, which I do).

It turns out my husband was correct. (He has a saying he likes to say a lot: "Andrew is always right.") There WAS enough jam - in fact there was enough jam for THREE pieces of toast. I couldn't pile it on, but there was definitely enough. I felt kind of sheepish for throwing such a hissy fit. Turns out we even had backup jam material - see above photo, the Blueberry & Blackcurrant preserve, which is one of my most favorite jams, followed by plum jam, and then cherry jam. Those are my favorites.

What's funny is that I've hated marmalade for most of my life. I thought it was too sour, which is funny because I now prefer my jams on the less sweet, more tart side. I really only started liking it in the past year or so, and and now I can't get enough.

Do you like marmalade? Do you fight with your partners over jam? Do you have a jam problem like me? Do you heap or do you smear? Do you make your own? That's awesome if you do. Someone who loves jam as much as I do should really learn about canning, but what's holding me up is jar sterilization fear - I'm worried I won't do it correctly and that I'll poison everyone.....


  1. I just started liking marmalade this past year after thinking I hated it for years too! (Maybe I am maturing in my thirties.) I ate a bite on toast and was like "Sunshine on toast!" I actually haven't trusted myself to buy some good stuff because I have a bit of a predilection for buttery toast and jam. And I don't think I would have any defense against eating marmalade toast three meals a day.
    Have you read the Mercy Watson books? My three year old is on a Mercy kick (I love Scribd audio for kids!) and after breakfast was over, she came back out of her room a half hour later and asked where the toast with a great deal of butter had gone. In a sad sort of voice. :-)
    It is hard to improve upon buttery, jammy toast!

    1. Sunshine on toast!!! Yes. That's exactly IT. I think we read a few Mercy Watson books when J was younger?? I'm pretty sure we did?? Julia's favorite breakfast request is "jam toast".

  2. I heap but being a GA girl I prefer biscuits warm with a good deal of real butter then a heaping spoonful of jam. This year my favorite is pear jam with a drizzle of honey, oh my goodness it is so delicious. I need to give marmalade another try seeing as how Paddington and now you recommend it so.
    Do tell Andrew that it is unbecoming of a gentlemen to gloat and over jam, really ;)

    1. Pear jam with honey!!!! oh my that sounds divine. And I will cheerfully pass along that message, lol ;)

  3. I love jam!!! I don't think I've had marmalade since my childhood, and I remember feeling let down. But now I'm an adult and my tastes have changed... Who knows??

    My mom and I make jam every year and give the little jars away as Christmas gifts. It's actually pretty easy... Just buy the powdered pectin and follow the directions on the package for the type of fruit you are using. Do not deviate from the directions. Oh, and the dishwasher does a fine job of sterilizing the jars and we boil the kids in a small pot on the stove. Easy, I promise!!!

    1. ohhhhh the dishwasher! i've heard that before and I always forget. ok that sounds really doable! you always inspire me with the jam pep talks! i swear I'll try it out.

    2. Let us know how it turns out if you decide to do it. Oh, and we never use liquid pectin, only the powdered kind.

      Aaaaand.... This has nothing to do with jam but did you see that Target is now carrying a throwback Strawberry Shortcake doll?!?

    3. I did not see that!!! But I did see that Target is carrying Momofuku cookie kits and that filled me with happy amazement :)

  4. Okay, well, now I need to go out and buy marmalade. I love marmalade but no one else in my house does. Shuck it. I'm totes buying it for myself!



    1. TOTES. absolutely! it can be your own private hoard.


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