March 4, 2016

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday! Don't forget to check out this week's 5 Hours 'til Bedtime. Well I'm straight up stunned that it's March. Wasn't it just Christmas last week??? It's been rainy/sunny/rainy/sunny/rainy. I got all ready to watch the 'Downton Abbey' finale a few days ago and I was so surprised that it wasn't on until this weekend! (here's a refresher on all things 'Downton', if you need it.) I cried when my other favorite show ('Lost') finally ended and I think I'll be feeling pretty sad when there's no more 'Downton' to look forward to in January anymore. That show typically is the only thing that lifts my spirits in January, what am I going do?? Exercise??? When does 'Poldark' come back on??

Things to share this week:

This whole online shop is darling.

Protect your spine!

For those in Washington state, an Anne Frank exhibit just arrived in Seattle.

Dresses for spring.

Big Hero 6 is going to be a series on Disney XD.

Spiced oat and pear blondies.

A glorious and darling friend sent me this happiness: Benedict Cumberbunnies. Bonus happiness here.

I really want to see this movie and read the book. Have you all read this one?

Making this for breakfast asap.

I feel like this low stimulus idea describes me very well.

Cool Book of the Week: Did you know that the song "Happy!" by Pharrell Williams also exists as a PICTURE BOOK?? Specifically aimed at kids? I've seen it and it's DELIGHTFUL. It's a happy book that perfectly matches the song's spirit. Basically the book consists of photographs of children from varying cultures celebrating what happiness means to them. The text of the book mirrors exactly the lyrics of the song, so you can either read the book, or sing it!

Have a lovely weekend! We have nothing planned, with is fanflippingtastic. I've had a bad cough this entire week (it's not from being sick, it's from silent acid reflux, isn't that fab?), and I'm going to do a whole lot of nothing. Low stimulus!



  1. Thanks for the fun list - I think I might have to try that rice porridge. I've never had anything like that before and it looks like such a cozy breakfast.

    1. it looks SO cozy! good for rainy spring mornings!!

  2. More people need to write about more "delightful" things - wouldn't that be a fun world?! The Light Between Oceans was good & sad & thought provoking. Add it to your list ASAP.

  3. I agree with Shannon about the book. Read it in a day:)

  4. Love your lead photo! Little Sis and a friend decided just today that they are going to dance to "Happy" for the school talent show next month. Maybe I'll get her that book if she goes through with it. I bookmarked that rice porridge a few weeks ago, and told Mr. B that the next time it got cold, I wanted to make it. It hasn't been cold. Stupid global warming. I love petit collage. Such cuteness.

    1. thank you my friend!!! it's not cold here either, just dreary. the sun rain sun rain has been hilarious because you never know how to dress or what kind of coat to wear!