March 25, 2016

cool stuff i like

 Happy Friday!! Another fun post from 5 Hours 'til Bedtime is up, go check it out! Oh my friends. The past two weeks have really been something. Yesterday was the very first day where I didn't spend most of the day coughing. Can coughing become its own form of exercise? Because if so, I'm pretty sure I've given all of my back and rib muscles quite the workout.

The good news is that I'm fairly ready for Easter. Except my relatives couldn't decide what kind of dessert they all wanted for Easter Sunday dinner. Fruit crisp? No. A cake? No. (from Andrew) Lemon curd bread pudding? Which is what I really wanted to make? No, citrus is a migraine trigger for my brother. Nutmeg rice pudding? No, everyone is tired of rice pudding. (???? Not me, because I haven't had any in ages!) So you know what I'm making? Chocolate chip cookies with sea salt on top. Too much dithering around, and I'm just bringing some very basic cookies, thanks very much. Oh - what I REALLY wanted to make was a recipe from a new cookbook I got - lemon posset with shortbread fingers. No idea what a posset is, but it appears to be some kind of custard or pudding. It looked amazing.

Online bits and bobs:

Triple chocolate cookies.

Spring S'more Cups.

If you're in need of spring inspiration - I have a whole Pinterest board chock full.

What a gorgeous book.

Braided sprinkle bread!

Holy grail beauty products.

Even though technically this is an autumn wellness guide - we might need all of this stuff right now in continuing efforts to defeat cold and flu season.

HOW CUTE is this spring picnic in the woods??

Love this - male and female actors read iconic scenes typically performed by the other gender.

Cool Book of the Week: 'Lately Lily Book of Fun' by Micah Player. I've mentioned the original 'Lately Lily' book before long ago, but I had the chance to see this cute doodle book in person recently and it's adorable. Kids can help flesh out Lily's traveling adventures around the world in this activity book well suited for the Kinder through 3rd grade set.

Have a lovely holiday weekend! I hope there are chocolate bunnies and hot cross buns and jellybeans in store for you.



  1. So excited to see the Lately Lily Book of Fun. Thanks for sharing all your great finds.

  2. The Lately Lily stuff is so cool. And thanks for the link love! I hope you have a beautiful Easter. xoxoxo

    1. 'twas a good Easter! I've finally conquered 99.9% of this atrocious bronchitis :)

  3. Ooooh, your Springtime board just made my morning!



    1. I'm so glad!! it's so....springy right? sometimes when i'm bored i go check out my own pinterest boards lol :)