March 11, 2016

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A very happy Friday to you! Ok, so well - it's over. Would it surprise you to hear that I didn't cry? At all? I read and heard a lot of people say that it was all too tidy. I didn't mind that. A great many characters on the show spent 6 seasons being fairly miserable, so I was happy to have most everyone wind up in a happier place, especially my beloved Thomas Barrow, the scamp. I feel ready to go back and start watching from the beginning. I don't even remember how Matthew and Mary got together. Not that I care much, because they were so very extremely boring. I think I mentioned this last year, but if you need something else to watch RIGHT NOW, and haven't already seen it, go watch 'The Paradise' - it's not on the level of 'Downton', but I liked it. I don't really know what else to say - it's over and it was a great show and I'm pretty bummed it's over, but my aunt gave my mother Season 1 for Christmas this year, and I'm going to go steal it, and stealing is fun, so that makes me very happy indeed.

All things 'Downton' were plentiful online this week of course:

What's next for the 'Downton Abbey' cast.

Lady Edith and Andrew are dating!

Best books to read if you're a 'Downton Abbey' fan.

The finest insults from the Dowager Countess.

Yes, most of you who read my blog have already seen this, but I just re-watched it and I promise you, it will make you feel better. (read this, if you don't believe)

The show might be over, but don't forget that there's an entire line of 'Downton Abbey' tea. And you can also read more about the tea HERE.

News about the real life Highclere Castle's owner.

Michelle Dockery's (Lady Mary) Instagram feed.

Great exit interview with Julian Fellowes.

Do yourself a favor sometime when you have some time to kill, and go look up all of MFAMB's 'Downton' recaps - you will laugh, you will cry, you will choke on whatever is in your mouth. So make sure there's nothing in your mouth. 

Cool Book of the Week: 'Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey' by the Countess of Fiona Carnarvon (the current countess) looks soooooo coooooool. Lady Almina was somewhat like Lady Cora, in that she was the daughter of a wealthy industrialist in the Edwardian period, and her dowry served to secure the financial stability of Highclere Castle. During World War I, she opened the castle doors to (upper class) British soldiers, and allowed the castle to be used as a hospital infirmary, much like the storyline in 'Downton Abbey'. Almina's husband, Lord Carnarvon, was a passionate Egyptologist, and was with Howard Carter when he discovered King Tut's tomb, and their travels in Egypt are discussed in the book as well. I'd love to read about the actual peeps living in Highclere during the 'Downton Abbey' time period, and I'm going to check this out asap.

 Have a lovely weekend! If you need even MORE 'Downton' to read about, you can check out my post on this book, which is fun read (my post) and a great companion piece (the book) to the series. I also wrote about 'Downton Abbey' and Nigel Slater in the same post once, and that was a whoppin' good time. AND if you want to see how bad my food photography used to be, check out this post about treacle tart. And then maybe you too will want to go make a treacle tart. Or maybe not.




  1. I was surprised to realize what a relief it was that Barrows and Edith found happiness, since they were the two characters that really stuck in my craw pretty much the whole time- until this season anyhow. I was waiting for Marygold's long lost father to show back up and ruin things once again for poor Edith. Also, still can't look at her without thinking "Googly eyes!".

    1. ha ha ha oh yes i've seen that, SO hilarious!!! Yeah, I really thought Marigold's dad was going to end up alive, I really did. There are many many things I would have changed about that show, but oh my goodness how I loved it anyway! I'll miss it so much.

  2. "Tidy" is a good word for the last episode. I suppose that's good, but it wasn't especially memorable. I somehow managed to check out the entire final season about a month ago from the library, and I binged on it, so I saw the finale several weeks ago. I really can't remember much of it - except that Anna had a baby and I was very happy about that.

    The book about the "Real Downton Abbey" is very good! It made me think that Lady Cora's character was really underutilized early on in the series.

    1. Oooooh I can't wait to read it! I think that would be a good spin-off - young American Cora and her early relationship and marriage, don't you think??

  3. We actually watched the last episode, despite missing most of this season. And last season. And some of the previous season. We stink.

    But Grantchester is returning soon!