March 1, 2016

spring picturebooks

It's March and Spring is coming. There are cherry blossom buds and rain showers and lighter evenings. It's coming!

And so I picked a pretty bouquet of brand-new picture books that have been recently released. Aren't they pretty? Guess which one I'm most intrigued with. Can you guess? Ok I'll tell you. We'll begin with:

'The Night Gardener' by the Fan Brothers. How's this for gorgeous??? Magical topiaries begin appearing all over a drab, colorless town. I must see this. I probably must own this. THE ART. OH the art.

'Bloom' by Doreen Cronin and David Small looks charming and delightful, which you know is my favorite combination of adjectives. A mud fairy and an ordinary girl join forces to save a kingdom and revel in being gloriously messy together. Well that sounds fun!

And 'Tree' by Britta Teskentrup (I swear, the plant life theme was not intentional) looks enchanting - a peek-a-boo story in which you can look through a hole on each page, showing the different animals living inside of a tree and its trunk in different seasons of the year. I spy a perfect baby shower gift.....

'No, No, Gnome!' by Ashlyn Anstee fills me with impish glee. I'm usually filled with impish glee anyway, but today even more so. A little gnome gets into trouble while trying to be 'helpful' in a garden - thus leading to the common refrain of "No, No, Gnome!".

And I'm actually very sad because Andrew and I have had a plan for YEARS, and YEARS, to make a picture book about our clothes-eating cat Sally and we were going to have the whole thing be about Sally doing Bad Things and being told "NO SALLY NO!". And this lady went ahead and took our idea that only lived inside our heads, and made a cute darling book about a gnome. Life is hideously unfair.

Lastly, I came across 'The Almost Terrible Playdate' by Richard Torrey, in which two kids with big imaginations struggle to find a way to compromise during their playtime -- I thought it looked very fun indeed.

So there you go! Fun new picture books for spring. I never even got to show off all things I wanted to show and tell during winter, but oh well - that's how I keep this blog going and going, through my endless procrastination......


  1. Yay for spring books!!!! I, too, was totally taken with The Night Gardener when I saw it in the store the other day (I have a hunch I will start to lose followers if I blog about ANOTHER tree book...but what can I say, I LOVE THE TREES!). Frankly, I'm on the fence with Bloom. I want to love it, because David Small is a favorite of mine and, of course, fairies and mud and girl empowerment. But part of me cringes at the ending with "there's no such thing as an ordinary girl." I sometimes think that our society is way too hung up on the concept of "ordinariness" as a megative--as if it's something to be avoided at all cost. But not everyone can be extraordinary--that's the whole point! I wish there were more books celebrating, it's OK to love soccer if you aren't actually that good, or it's OK to sign up for a science elective even though you're never going to be at the top of that know? Ordinary can be hard working and kind and clever and all sorts of things, right? OK, I'll get off my soapbox now and remember that all empowerment messages are probably helpful and not hurtful. :) But I'd love to hear your thoughts!

    1. I have no thoughts, doll, because I'm as deep as piece of paper. HA HA HA HA! I'm joking! I'm ALL for being ordinary. I think you articulated a really great point. And I second that motion wholeheartedly. Have you ever read 'The Ordinary Princess' by M.M. Kaye? It's FANTASTIC. About a princess who is cursed by a fairy at birthday, a la Sleeping be ordinary. And she has a great life being ordinary. It totally ties into exactly what you were saying - that it's more than fine to just be a kind hardworking person living life and not some SUPAH-STAH! You MUST read it if you haven't already.

    2. I love these thoughts! Ordinary is not bad - thank you for saying it. These books look so pretty, too. We just got a few more inches of snow, after being taunted by a warm spell. Since spring isn't really in the air here in the midwest, spring books are in big demand.

    3. Every once in awhile, there will be some spring snow here, like in April - but I have this feeling that we're in for WARM this year!