April 1, 2016

cool stuff i like

 Happy Friday! It is springtiiiiiiiiiiiiime! We're having a small run of 70 degree weather. I've been able to open every window! I cleaned out and re-organized our spare room closet! (aka the trash heap/holiday decor dumping ground) I'm planning on painting our master bedroom! After years of trying to get Andrew to commit to something, I just decided - we're doing it. Life is too short to look at beige walls. I was just talking about this with a blog pal. I swear to you, if I don't paint and/or wallpaper something, after nearly 10 years of living in our house - if we don't and I'm on my deathbed someday, my last words will be, "But I never painted or wallpapered!" You know what I mean? Oh and Happy April Fool's! My husband says I need to stay off the internet today, because otherwise I'll believe every crazy %#$@*& thing I read. I already had a minor meltdown over the fake article about Trader Joe's closing all of their stores......

Things of interest this week:

I really want to see this movie.

Unicorns were real!

Love the look of this version of stuffed shells.

I need to see this, own this, or whatever.

20th century country decor.

Ok I just found out about Brightly, and I'm more than a little OBSESSED. The most FUN site for parents and kids, all about reading and reading activities! There's an online book club, with book suggestions, and activities, and crafts that can go along and be done with each book, if you so choose. There are book round ups, and picks for different ages and genres. The site is super pretty and I'm totes impressed.

This was a great read and a great house tour.

Lessons from elders.

THAI HOT DOGS. Making next week.

I know Easter is over, but I just saw this Easter tree and all kinds of springy things and I luvs it so much.

Cool Book of the Week: 'Counting With Barefoot Critters' by Teagan White. I talked about one of Teagan's books awhile back I think. Pretty sure I did! I've always been so delighted with her charming renderings of forest wildlife. Her work is just sweetness on a stick. I hate to be a tease, because this book doesn't come out until later in the year, but it's available for pre-order now. In this one, the Barefoot Critters learn about counting by making pancakes (that's how I learn about counting too yo!) and helping their friends and by swimming and playing games. Maybe they learn about counting by seeing how many adorable creatures there are in the forest?? I'M JUST S'POSING. Seriously, how cute is her art????

Have a LOVELY weekend! Don't forget to check out this week's 5 Hours 'til Bedtime, it was very springalicious this posting. I'm super excited because I think we're going to watch 'The Princess Bride' with Julia for the very first time - I can't believe she hasn't seen it yet - a sweet friend gave her the dvd for her birthday. I think she's going to flip with love for it.



  1. Wow, I got so lost in that Jodie Ackerman article that I completely forgot I was here first! I love her because she's done so many things with her life. Sometimes I look around at the people who've committed to a career path and envy their "knowingness" about themselves. Patterson makes me feel like I'm normal, too.

    Nothing better than that, although I do so love this list!


    1. ha ha ha! seriously i know. I was extremely impressed with her industry and all those things that she's done!


  2. Paint, paint, paint!! And share! I am in the midst of choosing paint colors for when we remodel our kitchen this summer. I repainted our kitchen as soon as we moved into our house almost 10 years ago. I picked yellow, but it was the WRONG yellow. It looks gorgeous in the morning light, but decidedly greenish in the evening or on gloomy days. I'm a bit terrified of making a similar mistake again. BUT, I still get excited about choosing paint colors and seeing what others choose for their painting projects.

    1. baby, I will totes share if I actually get anything done! I'd really love wallpaper on all wall in the front of my house, that leads up our staircase - but I have a gallery of photos already hung up - painting would be easiest because I could just leave in the nails for placement remembering purposes and paint around the holes. But for wallpaper, it would all have to come off and I'd have to photo the wall or something an guess at replacement. Not the end of the world but more of a project! My bedroom, DEFINITELY paint!

    2. 'the' wall, not 'all' wall lol

    3. in my front living room, not the front of my house. oh my word.

  3. I'll bet the Teagan White is gorgeous! We loved her ABC book. You know, I'd actually stopped reading Mother because it felt very monotonous to me, but that was a great article. Thanks. Love the Babyccino Easter goodies, too! And Jodi's post at Practicing Simplicity was a great read. xoxo

    1. Yes on Mother. I go back for the Home tours, hoping to see something awesome! I recently re-discovered Babyccino, loooooots of cool stuff there!