April 29, 2016

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday! Every year, I like to take the girly out for some spring photos. She was actually happy to walk along the side of the road with me, holding her bouquet, and we took some sweet pictures that we're going to give to the grandmothers for Mother's Day. (you can see a few more here.) The other day I made SEVEN photo books - three of Julia photos - one for me and two for the grandmas, and then I made FOUR mini books with all of my Instagram pretty much poured into them. I suddenly got the urge to go on a massive printing spree. And I'm still not done. I basically need to make one photobook per month for the next year and then I'll be resembling something close to being caught up with printing out photos. Say it with me folks, with gusto and feeling: PRINT YOUR PICTURES!!!

Online things to read, make, and do:

"Why I write scary stories for children".

Another great read. Thanks to my brilliant friend Laura for always finding very cool stuff indeed.

These portraits of 'tween' girls are AMAZING. I'm such a HUGE fan of Carolyn's portrait work.

Spring fever sugar cookies.

I pinned every product suggested in this beauty uniform post.

10 favorite contemporary classic picture books.

New Mary Poppins!!! This is excellent casting. I'm ridiculously excited. Please be awesome.

The Castle Next Door. I sense an obsession coming on......

Legacy Box. I'm going to do this for my wedding photos, which are not digitized.

Cool Book of the Week: Well I think I need THIS in my life! 'Color the Classics: Anne of Green Gables: A Coloring Book Visit to Prince Edward Island', by Jae-Eun Lee is part of a series of coloring books based on classic literature. How cool! There's parts of the story, along with the coloring pages. This just came out in March, and it's so springy and beautiful, and who wouldn't want to color Marilla's kitchen?? Or color Anne and Diana? I'm utterly enchanted. Next year for Christmas, want to hear a secret....Julia will be almost eleven. It will be time. To get the 'Anne' books. I got my set when I was eleven, Anne is eleven when the books begin, and I'm going to make a big whopping deal about this whole affair. As one big large present, I'm going to gift Julia with the most beautiful set I can find, throw in this coloring book, and also add the first movie, the Megan Follows version, thanks-very-much. And if I can find some raspberry cordial (non-alcoholic of course), maybe I'll throw that in as well! Basically, I'm going to make an 'Anne' box.

Have a lovely weekend! Birthday parties and a movie, that's about the size of it. I've been baaaaaad about going to be bed before midnight, so I'm going to get OFF Instagram before 10pm, and I'm going to make some warm milk even though I don't drink dairy, and I'm going to put myself to bed and try mightily to rein in my night owl tendencies. Sigh. 'Tis hard.



  1. The tween girls photos are truly tender and beautiful. I think I've just died.

    Mary Poppins is coming back? I will be first in line. This is very exciting!



    1. Aren't those the most amazing portraits! I looooooove them! I'm so excited for new Mary Poppins - I'm a big Emily Blunt fan.

  2. Gorgeous coloring book! I love your lead photo, too. And yes to Mary Poppins!!!