April 8, 2016

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday!! Got an extra packed post today to make up for my absence around these parts lately. This weekend, I'll be continuing my feeble attempts at chipping away at the terror of My Closets - I have a tendency to shove all messes around my house into a closet and then I cheerfully try to distract myself from the fact that I'm hoarding way too many things, just in case of a zombie apocalypse. I'm finally donating a blanket that has been sitting unused in a closet for 8 years. And now I'm worried that an asteroid will fall and wipe out electronics and such, and I'll really need that blanket. Please tell me I'm not the only one who worries about these things.....

Fun things to see online this week:

YA books that would make great Netflix series. YES.

What a cool fun home.

Watercolor wooden bead necklaces. Must make asap.

Nourishing inner peace tonic. Sign me up please. (i've used the line of tea mentioned, excellent company)

All of these books. Especially this one.

"Choose to be happy". This was such a great read!

Whohaha, a new site from Elizabeth Banks, is supposed to be awesome and hilarious and more awesome - I can't wait to wade through it.

Check out this camping cookbook!! You guys know I'm obsessed with faux camping, aka 'glamping' right? Basically I want to just make this food and sit out on my doorstep and eat it.

Kitchen spring cleaning ideas from Shutterbean.

Lemon Cherry Swirl Bars.

Cool Book of the Week: 'Stop Here, This is the Place' by Susan Conley and my photography hero Winky Lewis, is a book I'm asking for as a Mother's Day present. I've been waiting a long time, patiently waiting for its release and now it's finally here. Winky is a photographer on the East Coast who is nothing short of magical. Her work is haunting, honest, and surprising, as well as technically breathtaking. I've been following her every photo move since I discovered her work a couple of years ago. This book began as project between the two women - every week for a year, Winky would send Susan a photograph she had taken, and then Susan would write a short story to accompany the photo.

A collection amassed that serves as a reflection of the timelessness of childhood, while also underscoring the importance of really taking stock of and paying attention to the oh-so-transient time when our children are growing up. I simply cannot wait to hold this in my hands.

Have a lovely weekend! Be sure and stop by 5 Hours 'til Bedtime for this week's images! I so very much look forward to seeing what everyone posts from week to week.



  1. Agree on that apartment. That place is RAD!

    Buying Stop Here. Trust you in these matters!

    Didn't even click on the lemon cherry bars as I spent the morning making coffee cake and lemon blueberry muffins. It's all too much!

    1. ha ha! I wish I lived closer to so we could sample all the bounty that comes out of your kitchen......<3

  2. Whohaha has to be the best website name ever. Mr. B and I had a big laugh, watching her commercial for it.

    I really, really want a tent, and to go camping for real. I liked the cabin last summer, but it isn't the same. I know I won't sleep for @#$!, but I still love it, because I'm weird like that. Then we can cook over the campfire and find a cold spring to splash in.

    I squealed when a new booklist from Mallory appeared in my Bloglovin feed.

    Those bead necklaces are so cool!