April 15, 2016

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday.....afternoon! A little late today. It happens. One of the things I love best about spring are the pale greens that are everywhere right now. Oh I have exciting news - for myself! I'll write more about this later after I've photographed it from every conceivable angle, but for the first time since I began trying about 15 years ago - I have successfully managed to grow some lilacs on our lilac bush. Lilacs grow here like weeds in the springtime, but never ever for me. Our bushes/trees were never in the right place and never got enough sun. But now they're blooming! Don't bother paying much attention because I'll repeat everything I just said in my LILAC POST. It really is the most thrilling thing that's happened to me in a long time. I love lilacs so much.

Online treats this week:

A 50's sci-fi inspired photo shoot? MORE OF THAT PLEASE.

Sheet pan tikka masala.

This was a fascinating read - The Moral Bucket List.

I read about Adina Grigore on Cup of Jo, and now I want to try her skincare line.


IKEA is making a bike! (only in Europe, for now.)

Classic books for tweens.

Julia is obsessed with this video. OBSESSED. We now have a use for her old My Little Ponies!

Cabbage Moon. Very cool online shop.

Cool Book of the Week: 'Nature's Day Out and About' by Kay Maquire and Danielle Kroll is a really cool book I saw while out and about the other day. DID YOU SEE WHAT I JUST DID? I'd say that I was sorry, but we all know I'll just be back again very very soon with the same terrible puns and jokes. Anyway, this book looks so much fun! Nature activities and things to do and color and collect and it's so perfect for the young person explorer in your life. The activities would be fun for the small and the not so small. Julia was very intrigued but I told her she could only get one book and she got some book that tells you all the characters in 'Adventure Time'. Le sigh. I would have gone for this nature book, if given the choice! SO many things to do, look for birds and leaves, make your own tracks, write a poem inspired by nature and what you see, make leaf rubbings and all kinds of things. Really darling. I love books like this.

 Have a lovely weekend! I just got an old film camera and had a few flaws with the sealing fixed. I'm so excited to actually use it now! And waste a lot of film trying to figure it out - oh my.



  1. I enjoyed reading the Moral Bucket List. The person the author describes... I want to be that person! Humble, kind, generous.

    I find myself looking more and more toward the saints for inspiration these days. They were all regular people, just like us, yet they embodied everything we wish we could be. One of my favorites is St. Therese of Liseaux. She was so very ordinary, yet so profoundly good, humble and holy. With Therese there were no grand gestures. No heroic acts. She did it all with her "little way" - tiny gestures done over and over every day that add up to something big. What a beautiful example!

    I love that '50s photo shoot, by the way. Such a cool space costume!!! xo

    1. isn't that photo series the coolest??? so here's something funny - when I was in 4th or 5th grade my favorite book was a book for kids detailing the lives of the saints, little short bios - I LOVED it! I'm not a Catholic, but I went through a bit of an obsession!

  2. I love that photo shoot! Nature's Day Out and About looks awesome. (By the way, I bought myself an Adventure Time book at the school book fair, though, so...)

    1. yeah I knew you'd love that! so cool. and ha! you share the Adventure Time love as well......

  3. THAT PHOTO. Melissa, this is one you need to sell. It's soooooooooo beautiful. How much?

    1. omigolleeeeee girl, I'm so happy you like it!! I'll PM you xoxoxo