May 6, 2016

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday! This is our cat Sally. She eats things. Like, all of our clothes, our pillow cases, our sheets, our shoelaces, stuffed animals....if it's made of fabric, she will try and eat it. A friend of mine came to visit once and thought maybe I was embellishing a wee bit about my cat. And then my cat ate her favorite shirt that she had brought on the trip. My friend then became a True Believer. Ok so I have to apologize for the extreme lack of blogging going on here. I sat down in front of the computer EVERY DAY this past week. And every day I was like, um this isn't happening. I photographed two whole posts worth of stuff. Still couldn't get anything put down in this space. I've been seized by spring cleaning mania. And a sudden need to print out every photo on my computer into a photo book. My current count is 8 photo books this week, and my linen closet was completely taken apart and put back together. I have an extended family member who is critically ill, and I can't control that, but I can make photo books. So that's what I've been doing.

Speaking of photos:

I'm getting this gorgeous print. I was obsessed the moment I saw it! All the images in Bear+Bee are beautiful.

So I flipped through Gwneth's new cookbook in a bookstore and I wants it bad. I love the photos and I love the recipes. Never went for any of her other books, but I'm going for this one.

And here's Gwynnie's spring veggie ramen.

This. Moms & family photos.

Amazing treehouse. Thanks for the link Allison!

May Days.

Mad May Eve. This is a thing? I want to do this next year!

Paper flying dragons.


Lifting your mood and changing your energy. I am in need of this.

Cool Book of the Week: My husband told me about 'Tiny Hats on Cats' by Adam Ellis and I don't know anything about this book, other than I would like to also do this to my cats. If you need more help in deciding if this needs to be in your life, check out Adam's Tiny Hats Instagram.

 Have a lovely weekend! And a beautiful and hopefully relaxing Mother's Day! I'm giving my mother and mother-in-law, guess what, photo books! I'm obsessed.



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    1. Sigh. Yes. And she's the sweetest pea under the sun, that's why we still have her! We've learned to adjust but we still slip up, and leave things out and then she eats a hole in it. BIG SIGH. We have to keep Julia's room closed all the time! Because otherwise it would be the 24 hour buffet of stuffed animals.....:)

  2. Your kitty is so pretty!

    I love that treehouse (thanks for the shoutout) and those banana cupcake things are AMAZE. I think I'm going to buy Gwyneth's book, too. My friend Maddy loves her last one and I trust Maddy's palate for sure.

    I hear you about the photo books and control. When life gives us upheaval, I bake. And bake. And bake. I think our neighbors are stoked, though, so, it's all good.


    1. Those banana cupcakes!!!??? Seriously she blew my mind with that biz. What the what. Crazytown how amazing those look.

      I actually kinda feel a baking frenzy coming on (have to make those cupcakes!) and yes, my neighbors will benefit from whatever I end up making!

    2. Oh and I was really impressed with the new Gwynnie book - it had tons of stuff I wanted to eat and it seems very kid friendly. And I loved the vibe of the photos, they were sort of soft and vintagey looking - really well done book!

  3. I am sorry to hear about your relative's illness! I hope you will find strength to go through this difficult period! *hugs* ♥

    I am guilty of not blogging for the longest time! I do enjoy your blog entries much though and I am trying to get back on the computer more often. Your blog is actually the first one I am reading after a 5 months hiatus.

    I just wanted to focus on my family and health first and I felt guilty each time I spent time on social media but also, I only have one computer at home and it's in my bedroom so maybe I need to rethink my space arrangement LOL

    Good luck with your photo albums and re-organizing your space, and trying to safe guard your fabrics against Sally (^_^)

  4. Thank you for the links and suggestions! I did not know there was a thing called Mad May Eve either! I need to eat that Veggie Ramen :) And gosh I need to have a boost of energy, must try those tips!!! Have a great weekend Melissa!

    1. you too my sweet friend! I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day! I'm so thrilled that you came to see me :)

      Today Sally ate one of Julia's headbands. There's no end of trouble with this cat! But she's SO sweet....she really is such a nice kitty....we've learned to forgive her.

  5. I want to put tiny hats on my cats now. And okay, the ramen recipe looks good. (We still haven't made it to the new ramen restaurant in Wichita. The lines have been insane.)