May 20, 2016

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday, lovely friends. My LAND, (does anyone say that still?) can you believe these peonies?? They're growing in my mother's garden, and they are the size of CABBAGES. I have some pink ones that grow in my yard, but these ivory blooms with inner blush pink really take my breath way. The peony kind of breaks my heart though, sort of like lilacs. Why with only the one blooming cycle? I understand now why roses are so special. Of course, if peonies and lilacs bloomed all the time, all summer long, I guess they wouldn't be so magical. My husband has been taking great delight in telling me how stinky I'm making the house with all of this peony biz.....he and I have a little disagreement as to the awesome/not awesome status of peonies. I'm tremendously sad for him that he's so very, very wrong.

Online beauty this week:

Cardamom pound cake. A beautiful cake, a beautiful post. I might have linked this before?? Who knows.

A book of old fashioned street rhymes.

Clean-the-fridge casserole.

I honestly feel like a total loser that I knew NOTHING about this new Jane Austen movie.

A TEA SHED?? I won't rest until I've accomplished something like this in my yard.

Fascinating new article about the Bronte sisters.

Summer skin care ~ favorites from Terrain.

London Fog Cupcakes.

Raising a daughter?

Cool Book of the Week: I kid you not, I almost had a pants accident when I saw the news about this book. I'm a huge huge MEGA huge fan of the magical art work and stories from Ingri and Edgar D'Aulaire, and now there's going to be a new printing of 'D'Aulaires' Book of Norwegian Folk Tales', which first came out in 1938, the year my father was born. Seriously, THANK YOU UNIVERSE. Thank you. I am flipping pre-ordering this instant. I cannot, cannot wait!! Princesses. Tales from the land of Norway. Trolls! (which figure hugely in Nordic fairy tales) GO. Do your Christmas shopping now and get one for every kid you think is awesome. This is going to be incredible, I can feel it in my bones.

 Have a lovely weekend, my friends. Oh em gee. Seriously that book, it's all I can think about!



  1. Happy weekend to you, Julia!! I'm just about to run out and cut some lovely peonies in the front yard because SATURDAY!! :)

    1. Hurray!!! Enjoy that amazing peony fragrance!!

  2. my neighbor has the most beautiful peonies and they are making my mornings! so pretty!! happy weekend!!

    1. Thank you sweetie :) - I never know if I should cut or let them sit on the plant. I've been cutting them and bringing them in because one of my plants is hard to see. I wish I had a plant in the front of my house!

  3. I love this list every week, but this week, I LOVE THIS LIST.

    Peonies are my favorite flower. I cannot get enough. For exactly the reasons you describe.

    I adore cardamom cake and have made my own version which, really, I should put on my dying blog.

    Why, yes, I am raising a daughter and cannot wait for this: "she saves big revelations for when your friends come over." Thank goodness I have great friends who will take it all in stride while I clutch my chest! My very favorite quote from that article is, "She is who she is and always has been from the minute you first held her." My Lulu so is herself and always has been, every single second.

    Anyhoo, thank you for a great pick me up!


    1. aaaaaah you are the BEST, my friend. i would love love love to see your cardamom cake!!!

  4. I want peonies. I want flowers! (I would kill them, though.) I am excited for Love & Friendship, and even more excited for the D'Aulaires reprint! And I am so, so slow about commenting these days. xoxo

    1. hey I'm so slow at replying and blogging these days! you do what you gotta do. life is crazy and weird these days. enjoy those chickies for me!! xoxoxoxo