June 20, 2016

a midsummer night's dream

It's the summer solstice! And every year I ask the question, how can it also be Midsummer? I'll never understand. Thank you to the lovely friends who gave me some solstice suggestions! (cleaning? making a cake? yes and yes.)

I thought I'd show you some of my favorite fairy pictures, on this magical day. Julia and I will be scattering some cake crumbs and flower petals outside in the garden this evening....and probably our dog will have a good time with those items.....Have a lovely start to summer, or solstice party, or midsummer night dreaming!

Sources for the fairy books, from the top down:

'The Green Willow and Other Japanese Fairy Tales' - (I swear, post coming soon.)
'Peter Pan - A Classic Illustrated Edition'
'The Giant Golden Book of Elves and Fairies'
'Peter Pan and Wendy'
'Fairyopolis' (ditto the above note - an entire post on this one coming)
'Fairies - A Magical Guide to the Enchanted Realm'

And I have (of course) an entire Pinterest board devoted to fairies and fairy tales, if you'd care to see. Happy Midsummer!


  1. Happy Midsummer! I love all the fairy pictures!!! International Fairy Day is coming up on Friday, too, so I declare it Fairy Week! (I posted the answer to that question on my blog, by the way. It's in one of the photos, courtesy of the book I blogged.)

    1. fairies fairies all the time! this just seems like fairy time. and thank you, i think i finally get it about the midsummer business.....

  2. Such beautiful pictures! Just the thing I needed today.

    1. Dana, that makes me so happy to hear! I'm so glad :)

  3. Lovely, lovely, LOVELY!