June 3, 2016

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday my friends. I've kicked off my 100 Days of Summer project, (up above, day 3/100, is Julia's BFF holding her neon haired stuffy) and I'll be posting pictures here, on my Facebook photography page, and on Instagram, if you want to check in and see how many days I make it to before I decide I'm never going to reach 100 days, ha!

Here's what I found to share this week:

Very excited about this line of teas that I just discovered.

Which I discovered from this post, and I'll be trying out that recipe asap.

14 Summer Reads

I love everything about this apartment, I'd move it immediately if I could.

Blueberry ginger hand pies.

Enchanting new fairy books. (already shared on my Facebook page, but it bears repeating)

Netflix will begin streaming EVERY DISNEY MOVIE ever made in September.

Just heard about this fantasy series and it sounds/looks awesome!

21 Wildflower products you need in your life.

How to be happier.

Cool Book of the Week: 'Look Out For The Fitzgerald-Trouts' by Esta Spalding is a book that was suggested to me by a pal I went to school with in Hawaii, and you should definitely add to this to any summer reading lists you might be compiling, because this looks like a HOOT, and as someone who grew up on an island, I really want to read this with Julia! Just out in May of 2016, the story follows a family of kids living on their own (in a car), relying on their wits - and I was sold after reading that the concept is somewhat "The Boxcar Children meet Dahl in a Hawaii-like setting". This is the first middle-grade work from Esta Spalding, who is currently working towards adapting Kate Atkinson's novel 'Life After Life' for Lionsgate Films. (did you all read that? that's going to be a movie I want to see because the novel was tricky to navigate...)

 Have a lovely weekend! I'm going to be kicking it old school with Jello & Cool Whip (just bought some, haven't had any in TEN YEARS), hiding from the 89 degree weather that's in the forecast.....



  1. I LOVE summer reading lists! I've read both Miller's Valley and The After Party in the last few days, they were both really good.

    What struck me about that apartment, is how much stuff is on the walls. I tend to be more reserved with hanging things, but I have so many pictures waiting to go into rotation, I should try just hanging everything and see how I like it.

    1. Oh fun! I'll add those to my pile!

      I think that's kind of a eclectic Britishy way of decorating, the cozy pile of pictures strewn all over the walls - I love love looking at it and I do have a big gallery wall along my staircase, but I wonder if my ocd-tendencies would really kick into overdrive, constantly straightening all those pictures!!

  2. Hahaha! Sorry, I just read a story over on the kitchn titled "Are Golden Milk Overnight Oats the Trendiest Breakfast Ever?" Like, a few minutes ago. Seriously. It actually sounds good, but the timing was too perfect.

    I love the high ceilings and stuff on the walls of that apartment. The bathroom wallpaper, though... :)

    Have a lovely weekend, dahling!

    1. HA HA HA HA! Well I'm so timely here, then!! I haven't tried it yet, but really it looks very appealing to me and supposedly all healthy n' stuff, which after the pizza/burger/chips weekend I just had...I need some healthy!

      I don't think the bathroom wallpaper penetrated my brain, I'm off to go look again :)

    2. ha ha Ok just went and looked again. yeah i think that might be too much for me......;)