June 10, 2016

cool stuff i like

 Happy Friday! Did you all have a chance to see my Strawberry Girl post? It's worth a look, I promise -- alligators, snakes, Florida backwoods feuding families, and...strawberries! Up there you have the last of our peonies. I can't complain about the short growing season this year, because we basically had peonies for almost a month. So it's all good. I'm going to keep the chat to a minimum because when you get to the featured book this week, I'm going to provide a link to the author's blog and her post about the book is lengthy, and I don't want to hold you up any longer than I have to, it's such a good read!

Online goodness this week:

Nana's Jam Tarts.

This made me cry. 'When to let them see you'.

Tips for a well organized pantry.

This post seriously blew my mind. Age 3? I'm so in awe. And I'm not sure I physically would have been able to do it with my kiddo without being sedated.......#helicopterparent

Oh dear. Another cookbook that caught my eye......

Doesn't this tea sound just right for summer?

Pretty colors for your walls.

Check out this camper before and after!

Tara Whitney is such a ninja photo master.

I was trying to find stuff for a friend, who was looking for book suggestions for her 14 year old niece. I steered her to my YA Fiction Pinterest board and also to Amazon's YA romantic mystery bestsellers.

Cool Book of the Week: 'How to Celebrate Everything: Recipes and Rituals for Birthdays, Holidays, Family Dinners, and Every Day In Between' by Jenny Rosentrach might be the cookbook I've waited all of my life for. I'm not being bloggery-over the top-ish - I really mean it. I'm so excited. I'm pre-ordering. Go read Jenny's post about what she's put into her book and the philosophy she had in mind when writing it. YES. I so relate to every word. I want to do this so much more than I've been doing - sometimes I talk a good game but don't put it into practice - I want to have my roster of obscure British and Chinese holidays and really do it up ha ha ha, that's my version of celebrating! I love that there's a section on birthdays at home because my kiddo has always really liked having her birthdays at the house. (whyyyyyyyyy? but ok.) ANYWAY. I'm all about recipes and rituals and holidays and and and....I wrote to Jenny and said, 'I think you just wrote the cookbook I'd always hoped that you'd write even though I didn't know I was hoping it' - how's that for being coherent. I can't WAIT for this one.

Have a lovely weekend! Andrew, who normally just bobs along floating on the waves of whatever Julia and I want to do, announced last week that he thought we should try our hands at growing real live pumpkins in our side garden area. So we went and got three pie type pumpkin plants and we're going to plant them this weekend. Last weekend it was 90 and it was too hot. This weekend is going to be cooler and we probably should have planted these a month ago but hey, we're planting pumpkins! (we're not starting from seeds, the garden store told us we were too late for that.)



  1. Ahhhh! These lists cost me money every time! Can't wait for Jenny's new book though.


    1. ha ha ha me too! i know, i'm super excited for this one :)

  2. UGH! I want an old camper so bad, and that one is beautiful!