October 7, 2016

cool stuff i like

 Happy Friday! October already feels like it's racing by and it just started - Be sure and check out this week's 5 Hours 'til Bedtime, super fun images this week (and every week!). I made my first misstep in pumpkin product buying - I did NOT like Trader Joe's pumpkin spice flavored almond beverage - it tasted weird and slimy. But I highly endorse however they make pumpkin spice steamers with almond milk at Starbuck's, that one tasted great!

Online cool finds:

Raising race-conscious children.

Julia adores this show and more episodes are coming this month to Netflix.

Pumpkin spice rice pudding.

Almost can't breathe, I'm so excited for this.

Happy mail for autumn.

Buckwheat double chocolate cookies.

New obsession in the house.

7 books for sweater weather.

You have GOT to see this fairy party (and the fairy books!!)

Cool Book of the Week: 'Little Witch's Magic Word Book' by Lieve Baeten is ABSOLUTELY DARLING! Oooooooh if you have a tiny tot, you have to see this. It's just precious! The inside pages are even cuter than what you see on the cover! SO cute, you guys. Not a bit scary, just adorable. A board book version to accompany the Little Witch series. (I'll update you guys over the weekend on Instagram and on Facebook about those - SO CUTE. Gah, I can't stop!) The charm of these books, just right for the preschool through kinder set, is in the details - so much to look at in these books! In this one, the little witch (Lizzie) sees an old house that she has to investigate, and on each page there are about 20 objects to hunt and find. Cozy Halloween fare for the littles!

Have a lovely weekend! We are pumpkin patching, if the weather isn't a washout. We've moved into a rainy-windy pattern here the past few days and I just want to stay under my blankies and eat popcorn. I never seem to find the time to ever really do that, except when I have a terrible cold, and then I'm too miserable to enjoy it. I'll also be bringing out my multi colored skeleton light up strand that I picked up at Target a few years back. And trying to figure out how to convince Andrew to make a raven mobile thing that I've been wanting to make for YEARS but I need his X-treme craft skills to pull off.



  1. I love Mini Boden for my daughter and Boden for myself these days. I'm expecting a Boden package in the mail today full of new goodies... Yay!! We are planning to visit the pumpkin patch this weekend too, if the rain stops! Happy October Weekend!!

    1. Happy Octobering! The newest Boden catalog came and I can't wait to look all through it - it's one of my favorite things to do , look thru catalogs, fold back tons of pages and then they sit around for 6 months ha. But I am ordering a fall dress for Julia because she has exactly zero dresses right now for fall weather!

  2. Love the Dahl clothes! Alas, the oldest is outgrowing kids' sizes and since her sis gets all her hand me downs, she really doesn't need clothes. (Our closet is bursting.) I so pinned that rice porridge recipe the other day! Yum. Do you have Amazon Prime? We really liked the show Just Add Magic on Amazon, and there's going to be a Halloween special coming out soon. xoxo

    1. We do have Amazon prime!!! I'll ask J if she's seen that show! I feel your pain about Boden _ J is basically aging out of their stuff - a few cute things from Johnny B. their tween line, which I wish they would expand! Not a ton of selection as of yet. But as much as I love my Boden-wear things, J doesn't really like their stuff - I'll get like one thing and beg to photograph her in it - sigh. I need a 4 year old! Ha.

  3. Which show?

    I love the Dahl clothes.

    That fairy party is gorgeous. The wings! The flowers!

    1. doh, I realized the link I put to the show wasnt working the way i wanted it to so i switched it!! it's called Project MC-2 about girls who are super smart and great at science and who also get tapped to help out with top secret spy stuff!