October 21, 2016

cool stuff i like

 Happy Friday! A very falltimey 5 Hours 'til Bedtime post is up, go check it out! We made our way to a pumpkin patch two weekends ago, it was loads of fun. Pumpkin patches are not something I ever had any experience with growing up with in Hawaii! This one had doughnuts (the main reason I was there), cider, corn, and corn mazes, a little country store....it was all very cute - I got a jar of elderberry jelly, which I'm very excited about. Also a jar of spiced peaches. Doesn't that sound so 'Farmer Boy'????

Online cool stuff this week:

Chocolate chai cake with pumpkin and brown sugar frosting. WOW.

My favorite Instagram account these days.

My thoughts exactly.

Autumn in Sweden.

Fall beauty products.

One of my favorite blogs has a new look. Oh my stars I can't wait until it's finally my turn to re-design!

18 spine tingling books to read this season.

Apple cheddar scones.

Sooooooo.....I'm doing this with my hair. BIG life changer decision. A LOT more to come on this topic because I have a ton to say about it!

Cool Book of the Week: 'All Hallows' Eve : A Haunting Companion' by Gibbs Smith is a recent find that I thought was super old-vintage-Halloween-style cool, which is how I like my Halloween fare. It's got a little bit o' everything! Lots of short tales and poems from classic literature by writers like Poe, Thomas Hardy, Shakespeare. The black and white illustrations are immensely charming and hauntingly lovely - and the cover is beautifully cloth bound. This one would be great to read as a family on a dark night, sipping hot cider and holding a tiny apple hand pie. Shall I continue on with my fall night fantasy? Ok! There would be a plaid blanket involved, candy corn, popcorn, a fire, and twinkle fairy lights. I'm getting a little dizzy from the picture I've created in my mind....maybe homemade caramel apples? My mother once made caramel apples when I was about 7, and it was the greatest Halloween of my life.

 Have a lovely weekend! As always, I would loooooove to know what you're reading, eating, and watching!



  1. Melissa, that photo is AMAZING.

  2. Let's see, eating-today I had leftover mac n cheese with hamburger and a taffy apple for lunch. Watching-I JUST finished rewatching all 7 seasons of The Gilmore Girls in celebration for the new ones coming out in November. I'm re-reading Northanger Abbey for my Jane Austen Book Club meeting in November.

    That is awesome you are letting your hair go gray. I saw my first gray hairs in my dark brown hair in high school, and long story short, first started dying it dark, then light as the gray came in faster and faster. Cue to about 10 years ago, when I finally decided to grow it out. Best decision I ever made. I get so many compliments on my hair now-and I love not having to deal with the roots, the expensive hair appointments. My friends were a bit shocked, and they seemed disapproving, like I was giving up or something. I was about 45-and it didn't feel like giving up, it felt like freedom!!

    1. a taffy apple!! how fun! Maureen, I feel like we are living parallel lives. Oh my goodness. Basically everything you just said about the hair, that's my exact experience!

      I'm so envious that you're in a Jane Austen book club!!!!

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    3. I love taffy apples. When I was a kid we would bring 15 cents to school on Thursdays in the fall, and would get a caramel apple. That was in the 1960's, and I have been hooked ever since.

      I'm so lucky in my book club. About 4 years ago I went to a garage sale, and bought almost all the books I saw. The seller and I got to talking, and she said they had just started a book club, and I should check it out. I was hesitant, I am a big reader-but had never belonged to a book club. I went to the first meeting, Pride and Prejudice, sure I wouldn't say a word. Well, I couldn't shut up! Since it was a new club, everyone was kind of shy, but I was so excited to be talking about a book I loved.

      We are really lucky in our members, we have an English Professor, from England, who is a wonderful resource. We also have two other members who teach at the University level. The other members are serious readers, who are all about the books. Since Austen didn't write that many novels, we supplement our schedule with other 19th century English literature, also more contemporary novels that pertain to Austen, like Longbourn by Jo Baker. We also do an annual Jane Austen birthday tea at a B&B that does a high tea on the weekends. Fun!

  3. Love that photo! Want that book! WANT that cake. Now.