October 28, 2016

cool stuff i like

 Happy Friday! Here we are finally, the weekend before Halloween! I'll be very extremely busily trying to do a dress rehearsal of my kiddo's costume, because I have to photograph it from every angle BEFORE Halloween day because on Halloween the day itself, she's not going to have any patience whatsoever for me and my camera. So we're doing photos the day before. I'm beyond proud of myself. This year's costume took a good month's worth of planning and procurement - the first items purchased were the the wrong size and had to go back - thankfully I had allowed plenty of time with good margins for error. But in the end, it all came together fabulously and I'll have pix next week.

Oh and let's talk about the fun Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling cards up above! The kiddo's Halloween treat that she begged for. She read my fortune, and I have to say, I thought it was fairly relevant to things going on in my life right now. (I can make myself believe anything!) I want a tarot deck too. Especially because I'm re-reading this. The short reading took a good 10 minutes to set up and interpret. The long reading basically uses every card in the deck and um, we won't be doing any long readings anytime soon.

Online items of autumn coolness:

I'm already weeping tears of joy.

Halloween dinner ideas.

This bath soak sounds nice.

My hopes.....they are SKY HIGH.

Super cute DIY Halloween party for kids.

October Soup. (recipe is at the end of a very delightful post)

Caramel Apple Pudding Cake.

I read recently that this is a very good pillow and I'm passing the info on.

Love this - self care love rituals.

Sarah's favorite brownies and a giveaway!!

Cool Book of the Week: A true Halloween treat - 'The Teeny-Tiny Woman - A Folk Tale Classic' by Paul Galdone. A story about a teeny tiny woman for the tinier tots. You all know this old English ghost fable right?? Truly a classic, but this new 2016 version is so charmingly rendered, it bears repeating. And I tell you, this short little wisp of a tale really gets to me, even as an adult. It's so jump-inducing at the end! Let's just say, the teeny tiny woman gets more than she expected when she finds an old bone in a graveyard, and intends to boil it for her supper of a teeny tiny pot of soup. But the bone objects! There's something no kidding around about this story, with that bone talking business, ha ha ha. Delightfully fun. Oh and check out these other folk tale classics collections from Paul Galdone - you might want to keep them in mind when holiday shopping, they are perfect gift material....

Have a lovely weekend, and Halloween! I'm trying to get my hands on a pastel blue pumpkin, have you all seen those? I think they actually a type of large squash. Wait is that what a pumpkin is too? Oh speaking of, I made a pumpkin pie from actual pumpkins and we all fought over it like wild wolves. I used a recipe from the Food 52 Genius Recipes book, which I ADORE, for the dough and recipe, except I added more spices as per 'The Joy of Cooking' and I used a combo of brown sugar and white sugar in the filling. So worth it to roast your own pumpkin and make a pie that way!



  1. It is a rainy Saturday here in New York and I now have a Saturday plan of making all the recipes here. They look so yummy!!!

    Now I just have to scheme how I can trick my husband into doing an ingredient run for me.... ;-)

    Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Oooooh I hope your Saturday plan worked out!!!! I need to get on that Caramel Apple Cake.

  2. LOVE those cards! We checked out the old copy of that book last year, but I do love the new covers on the Galdone books. (We bought the new edition of his The Owl and the Pussycat!) I'm in the midst of baking and decorating and cleaning for tomorrow's birthday Halloween party. We know the weather will cooperate, at least as far as precipitation goes: it's supposed to be in 70s and 80s tomorrow and Monday, sunny. I'd prefer it to be at least a tiny bit chilly, but no rain is good! Have a beautiful weekend! xoxo

    1. No rai is good for parties!!! I hope fun was had by all! I'm writing this on Nov 1. Oh my word. Time to seriously sit down and make lists for Christmas.

  3. I am beyond excited for Gilmore Girls! I've spent the last month watching my DVD's, preparing myself for Nov. 25th. I CANNOT WAIT! I also cried at the trailer, and the thought that Richard won't be there-floods of tears. Re-watching the DVDs has probably been a real boon to my mental health-election turmoil? Oh, a Stars Hollow Fall Festival...a perfect balm to a worried mind :)

    1. I've had several friends doing the same! I've been slowly making my way (again) through season 1 - it's funny - I was such a DEVOTED watcher of the show the first time around but it was a lot of yrs ago at this point and it's amazing to me how many little details I had forgotten. What a show. Definitely in my top 5, along with X-Files, and Lost, and Downton Abbey.

    2. Melissa-have you watched Buffy The Vampire Slayer? I don't remember you mentioning it, but maybe you have. It seems like we have similar interests, and that is definitely one of my top 5 shows. If you haven't watched, don't let the title put you off-I first watched it on TV, bought the DVD's, and rewatch all the seasons every couple of years, I feel like it really holds up!

  4. Are you kidding me? Brownies and apple pudding cake in one post? I'm going to be busy this weekend for sure.

    Hope Halloween was happy as ever.