October 25, 2016

warren the 13th and the all seeing eye

Hello my spookies! Well forgive me for taking so long to show you all this nugget of PURE AWESOME, but if it makes you feel any better, we just started reading this the other day - we've been busy busy reading 'Anne of Green Gables' and we're still not done, but we finally decided ok if we want to read this 'Warren the 13 and the All Seeing Eye' book anytime before Halloween, we better get on it! #bookproblems. So we're alternating nights between this and 'Anne'. We're almost done with 'Anne' but this guy here we'll be reading into November but that's ok, because it LOOKS like a Halloween book, but it's actually more of a fun mystery-adventure tale.

Have you ever seen a cover like this? So cool right? Let's take a closer peek, it's soooooo fun. I saw it in a local bookstore, and I was like, 'Julia, we're getting this. Go choose the one book you want for yourself, but we're getting this one for Mommy because I can already tell it's the coolest thing ever."

I mean, Warren (who is a little boy, not a monster. He just has some facial features that are a little fantastical) is a VICTORIAN BELLHOP. That premise alone, they had me right there.

I feel like the design of the book is as an important part of the story as the story itself. The way everything is laid out is so gorgeously and fabulously designed and styled. So many details and things to look at pretty much on every page. It's a dense book, hardcover, with loads of text but also loads of pictures - this is definitely I think for ages 8-12. I ADORE the titles of the chapters - "In Which Warren is Very, Very Busy", "In Which the Final Spell is Cast", "In Which Mr. Friggs is Menaced", and "In Which Warren is Mysteriously Assisted" - to name a few.

The whole vibe is like some kind of crazy homage to Edward Gorey, 'Hotel Transylvania', 'Downton Abbey', and 'Treasure Island'. SO FUN. Oh and with a hefty splash of Tim Burton's creepy playfulness.

The back of the book sets it all out for you: Witches! Secret Codes! Monsters! Mazes! and the best part....."AND OTHER Sinister Material!" Are you getting why I was freaking out at the bookstore??

The story focuses on little orphaned Warren - whose father once ran a glorious hotel, which has now fallen into ruin and decay under the watch of his lazy Uncle and wicked Aunt. (Aunt Annaconda!) Despite this, he's a plucky and helpful and optimistic chap.

Aunt Annaconda is convinced that there's a priceless treasure buried somewhere in the hotel, and she'll stop at no ends of destruction to find it -especially after a mysterious guest checks in, whom Annaconda is utterly convinced is trying to find the treasure before she does.

(The treasure, of course, is actually Warren's by birthright, but what he really cares about is saving his beloved family hotel.)

We have just gone into the first couple of chapters, and Julia is ENTHRALLED - we're doing this one as a family read, we're all so excited about it. I'm beyond impressed by the writing style of Tania Del Rio, who comes from a comic book and manga writing and art background, as well as the amazing art from Will Staehle - his work is so cool, you must go see his website. The two of them together have created something very unique and unusual - there is something fun to look at on every single page of the book.

And I'm even more excited now because they have another Warren book coming out next spring! 'Warren and the Whispering Woods: A Novel'. I'm so there.

So are you intrigued? It's such fun!


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    1. you will seriously ADORE this and so will your girls!!!!!

  2. ooooohhhh, VERY interesting. I'm always looking out for something good that for the 8 to 12's that will also feed my picture book addiction. (my youngest is growing out of them, sob) Thank you!

    1. Miss Lucy!! I can't tell how much fun we're having with this one. We've been reading it altogether as a family. I love that there's something cool to look at on each page, yet the story is also highly engaging and fun for that 8-12 crowd!