November 4, 2016

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Happy Friday! Well, I try to keep this place here like a little bubble of happiness, but friends, by this time next week, I'll either be crying in a hole of despair, pondering my move out of the country with my family (it's been discussed), or breathing a deep sigh of relief. I'm proud to say that I gladly filled out my ballot last week, and voted for our first female president, whom I believe to be highly capable, intelligent, and hardworking. Oh - go check out this week's 5 Hours 'til Bedtime post! Lots of darling Halloween and autumn pictures on display, including my kiddo in all her Luna Lovegood glory. (Here's another pic on Instagram if you missed. The costume this year was pretty awesome, I have to say.)

Online cool stuff for all this week:

It's ok to talk about this stuff now isn't it??? I'M SORRY. And pretty sure I might have already shared this post.

But seriously. Is it alright to be discussing you-know-what? Look at this Snow Fairy advent calendar!

Autumn spices for oatmeal. Yes, I think this is very exciting.

Cool article sent to me by a friend - the New York Library's secret apartments.

Love this idea for 'humble birthday cake'.

Excited about this news.

This was just an around great post filled with fun and entertaining words and projects. Also, I echo her thoughts about the full size candy bars. Actually I had already decided that I am bored TO TEARS with regular Halloween candy and next year I'm getting a combo of British and Japanese candy. Also I WILDLY misjudged my candy bowl proportions and we don't have a million kids coming around like we used to, and long story short - we have a HUGE bowl of candy left filled with stuff I don't even want. So yeah, #candyproblems.

The FANCIEST, and I mean fanciest, (and most expensive! wow.) tutus and assorted similar items you will ever see..

Thanksgiving grocery shopping advice.

Tasha Tudor Breakfast Tea! (i might have linked this before too. i'm officially on auto-repeat.)

30 slow-living things to do in autumn.

Cool Book of the Week: 'Imagine a City' by Elise Hurst is an absolutely GORGEOUS new (Oct 2016) picture book that fantastically renders the imaginary exploits of some children as they wander through the big city with their mom. I was in awe as I was flipping through the pages. Some might feel that black and white drawings aren't as exciting as full color, but that couldn't be further from the truth in this case. Hurst's sepia tinted illustrations are so rich, and detailed, and have so much depth - you'll feel like you've taken a dive into the pages and are actually there with the kids. Her use of shading and intricate imagery is truly breathtaking! In the children's journey through the city, their dreams give rise to animals and imaginings of the most wondrous kind - bears serving as towers, while fish and birds fly together through the sky. Butterflies emerge from books when opened in a shop. MAGICAL, this one.

Have a lovely weekend! It doesn't seem quite Novembery to me yet, but I have to say, I always welcome November now as the calm interlude between Halloween and Christmas - sorry Thanksgiving, you figure just as a wee blip on the radar for me! Soccer party and a photo session is happening this weekend. Be well, and be cozy, and VOTE.


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  1. That book is beautiful! I thought we were nice and low on Halloween candy, but then my grandma sent her leftover candy home to the girls. #itneverends I'm so curious and vervous about A Wrinkle in Time. You have no idea. Those flowers are so pretty and my oldest was so jealous of your J's costume! XOxo