November 11, 2016

cool stuff i like

 Happy Friday my sweet friends. Well, I was going to scrap today's post, because earlier in the week I thought, um, there is exactly nothing cool to talk about this week. And then I thought, no, you know what? I'm not going to adopt this defeatist attitude. There IS cool stuff to talk about and by gum, I'm going to put something together to help combat the angry/sad/helpless/confused feelings that a lot of us are feeling after this election. I have to tell you, I was extremely disappointed to have election night go the way that it did. I thought it was going to be such a different experience for my daughter. But we're going to hold our heads high anyway and do what we can to make the world a better place. Big shout out and thank you to Catherine Abegg Photography for this photo of us up above. I'll be sharing more from the family photo session she did for us later in the month.

Want to donate to organizations that are anti-bigotry, pro-women, pro-immigrant, pro-earth?

Talking to your kids about the election.

35 early chapter multi-cultural books for kids.

"What will we do with our fear?" (amazing book featured in this post, I did a post on it a couple yrs ago!)

Beautiful words and photos.

Fabulous round up of books from the magical Danzel, about uplifting American women who changed history.

Don't panic. Act.

Leslie Knope, you rock.

Aaaaaaaaand.......I'll leave you with this amazing post of hope

Cool Book of the Week: 'I am Rosemarie' by Marietta D. Moskin. I feel like maybe I've mentioned this one before? I can't recall, I really should keep a list of these things. For grades 6 and up, this story of a girl's experience of her time in a concentration camp during the Holocaust will burn itself forever into your soul. It did mine, and I read it over twenty years ago. The story calmly and quietly lays out Rosemarie's years of teen life in Westerbork work camp. She and her family survive, and the story is written for a child/middle grade audience, so the horrors are not gruesomely depicted, but in a way...what is not said makes the story all the more harrowing. In a world where everything has been taken away, the story makes you realize, like Rosemarie does, that what hasn't disappeared is her inner self. And her name. Which she shouts to a butterfly after her release from the prison camp.

Sounds like a sad book, right? It IS, I'm not going to lie. But we have to remember. We can never forget how groups of people throughout human history have tried to strip away the humanity of other groups of people.

Have a lovely weekend! Next week, I have the cutest book in the world to lift your spirits. I promise I'm not exaggerating in the slightest. It might be one of the most darling books I've ever ever ever seen. I've got photos ready to go, and I can't wait to share it with you.



  1. Hi Melissa, I don't think I've ever commented, but I love your Cool Stuff posts, and this was a good one. Just wanted to let you know :D (P.S. I am somehow signed in under my kid's account and I'm old so I can't figure out how to change it. Sigh.)

    1. ha! my child had to turn on the TV for me last night!

      thank you so much for your kind comment - i appreciate you taking the time to do that so much!