November 25, 2016

cool stuff i like

 Happy Friday!!! I hope those of you celebrating Thanksgiving ate entirely too much pie. I had a pie crust snafu - I tried using 'healthy' shortening for my pie crust instead of Crisco, and um I don't know but it tasted totally bizarre. So off I went to the store again, got the Crisco I should have grabbed in the first place, and made a whole new piecrust. I use a mix of butter and shortening and oh my....I'm all for healthier substitutions but I swear the first stuff tasted rancid. And, I was starting to get out some ornaments the other day, as you can see.....too soon??  I kinda forgot that T-day is on the earlier end this year, I got all excited and was like wooo Christmas - not quite realizing that we've got about another week of November....oh and hey! thank you for all the lovely comments about my dare-to-be-grey hair post!

Some cool stuff to take a gander at while you eat MORE PIE:

The deepest, darkest gingerbread.

A fog bow? Cool.

Mail order mysteries for kids. What a cool gift this would be!

I recently discovered The Little Library Cafe. I am in HEAVEN. And there's a cookbook coming!

This is a very cool idea for a journal.

I just purchased this online Advent guide! Super excited. I adore all things advent and solstice related.

Christmas crafts for kids.

A paperwhite bulb grow guide.

Love this idea for shelves! I have nowhere to do this though.

Cool Book of the Week: Like I said, I'm slightly obsessed with Advent calendars. One year, I had four going at the same time. Too much? Probably so. But this cutie I have to show you now so that if you love it, you can get it before December 1! The 'Cookie Advent Cookbook with 24 Festive Recipes' by Barbara Grunes and Virginia Van Vynckt is adorable. Seriously. I love this idea - a new cookie recipe each day leading up Christmas! It's a darling book, I looked all through it the other day. I was in scattered rush, so I didn't have time to stand in line to get it, and now I'm sad. You lift a flap on the cover every day to see the hidden cookie, and then you flip to a page in the book to get the recipe. There are fun cookies, traditional cookies, around-the-world recipes, not-too-hard recipes and the whole thing is really a lot of fun. This is such a cute concept!

Have a lovely weekend! We're going to go see 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' - finally! It's here! Can't wait.



  1. That would be SO. MANY. COOKIES. <--- types the woman who has almost single-handedly eaten through 2 dozen cookies in less than 24 hours. (Aldi has my favorite Ghirardelli shortbread cookie mix in right now.)

    Gingerbread cake is awesome. That Little Library Cafe is sweeeet.

    So, what is the verdict on the Advent guide so far?

    1. you know.....that thought did not occur to me HA HA HA, the fact that it would be sooooooo many cookies! More ha ha ha ha! So Ghiradelli has a good shortbread mix??? I wonder if they sell it in my area???