November 29, 2016

cozy christmas books

 Well SKIP HOWDY if I haven't found myself another fab blog to follow! I have to give full credit for my latest rabbit hole o' awesome to a very cool blog and Instagram account - A Bookish Baker. I found her IG account, which uses what is going to become my new favorite hashtag: #bookishhygge. How cool is THAT? Anyway, I saw a few of the books listed here on Helen's blog, and down the rabbit hole I went on Amazon and found these other lovelies. Cozy winter reads for grownups AND hey you cozy mystery fans - cozy Christmas mysteries!! I'm so excited to try and track these down for some wintertime reading. Let's take a gander:

'High Rising' and 'Christmas at High Rising' by Angela Thirkell have the coolest retro vintage covers! Don't you think? Adore adore adore. Both books take place during the holiday season, and the comic plot follows a lady novelist, a Laura Morland, who bobs and weaves her way through the upper crust society ins and outs of a tucked away British village. The stories are set pre-World War II, and are considered to be true vintage treasures. (they were first published in the 1930's and '40's.) These are going on my Christmas wish list!

'Christmas Days' by Jeanette Winterson just looks gorgeous. Again, the cover art has knocked it out of the park. Do you know that I buy wine, (when I buy wine, which is maybe twice a year) based solely on 1) is it under $12? and 2) how pretty is the label? And I'm often the same with my books. Show me a fab cover and I'll show you my wallet. This one contains "12 Stories and 12 Feasts for 12 Days". COOL. The tales are supposed to convey the spookier side of Christmas, featuring stories about a tinsel baby (what?) and a haunted house and HELLO there are fairies! I'm just going to go ahead and buy this for myself. But I have to wait a teensy bit! It comes out this December 16th.

Mysteries! I love the idea of ghost stories and mysteries set during the holiday season. I've been obsessed with the mother of all Christmas ghost stories, 'A Christmas Carol' for as far back as I can remember. 'Mystery in White' by J. Jefferon Farjeon is billed as a 'A Christmas Crime Story', and although I'm new to the whole cozy mystery gig, I love love love period mystery pieces involving trains. By the way, there's a TON of other books from this publisher, British Library Crime Classics. I'm very exited about this tale of passengers who must spend Christmas in a snowbound train. This was first published in 1937, and it involves the snow storm-beset train, AND an abandoned country house that has a table mysteriously laid out for tea, (apparently the characters don't just sit in the stalled train, they get out and walk around and find stuff.) and the assorted cast of characters features a psychic and a chorus girl. I'M ALL IN. I'm totally totally getting this.

'Silent Nights' is an anthology of holiday mysteries. Country house settings and puzzles feature in many of the tales, which were were written in the 'Golden Age' of mystery writing (1930's and 40's), and one is a Sherlock Holmes story, 'The Blue Carbuncle.' Seriously, how fun right? I feel like all I need is some tea and gingerbread and holiday music very quietly playing in the background and A BLANKY and I might have the perfect evening of all time planned out.

'The Mistletoe Murder and Other Stories' (cool) by P.D. James has an awesome cover - ok I really want to leave these books strewn about as Christmas decor! There are four stories in this one, written by the woman that many consider to be the "grand dame of of British crime literature". Sounds great, I'm throwing this onto my pile of Want-To-Reads.

Sooooooo, which of these sounds fun to you? Any of them? All of them? I think the only thing that sounds more fun than my blanky and gingerbread idea is if it were to actually SNOW while I was reading one of these. I can hope, mais oui?

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  1. I'm so looking forward to the Winterson. The High Rising books sound great!

    1. don't they sound so fun????? i'm so intrigued!!!!

  2. Oh, the covers on the top three have me hooked - they look just gorgeous. Straight off to the library catalog to see if I can get them!

    1. i'm looking too!!! if not, i think i might need to buy one. #bookproblems

  3. I have those two Angela Thirkell books hanging out in my Amazon cart. They are so cool looking!!

    It's all about the covers! I have been known to buy a book I don't really like or intend to read simply because the cover looked lovely. Book art!