December 9, 2016

cool stuff i like

 Happy Friday! My aunt recently moved here and she gave me these cups, which belonged to my grandmother. Aren't they lovely? I adore the green and gold color scheme! We're not sure exactly what they are - maybe someone can chime in and help? They have two handles on each side. Are they teacups for the clumsy? Are they bouillon cups? For drinking broth? Not sure, but I think they're enchanting and I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them, but I thought they were very festive. So. I have decorated my house. A lot. I told a pal, "I intend to decorate until it gets ridiculous. And then decorate some more." It seems like that's where my mind is after November. My pal suggested a new Instagram hashtag - #christmasingthecrapoutof2016 and I LOVE THAT IDEA. So if you're on IG, keep an eye out for it - I'll be doing my best to contribute to that theme.....

Merry and festive online cheer this week:

A Sugar Plum Fairy breakfast.

SO IN LOVE with these Moonlit Forest dessert plates.

New picturebooks that celebrate winter. ( looks GORGEOUS)

Gold glitter star garland. (hurray! i have a giant box I can use and cut up! i am so doing this and hanging it in my hallway.) 

St. Lucia buns. (on december 13. i'm gonna make these this sunday)

More buns. Cinnamon, tree-trimming buns!

Super cute dollhouse.

A lovely holiday baking guide.

I keep reading that this book is amazing.

3 stocking personalities.

Photos of a city run by deer.

Cool Book of the Week: So when I photograph a book, obviously it's one I own or got from the library and I've read it. But many times, my featured books of the week are books I have yet to read and want to!! Today's pick falls into that category. 'The Night Before Christmas'. No, not THAT one.

This one, written by Nikolai Gogol in 1831, and published by Penguin Christmas Classics, sounds amazing and I've never heard of it before! Apparently it's read in Russia every Christmas Eve, much the same way that Clement C. Moore's version is. In this story, (which is supposed to be quite funny) it's Christmas and the devil is running around trying to make mischief. He steals the moon and hides it in his pocket. He lets loose a monster snowstorm upon the town of Dikanka. And he really wants to get into a romantic arm-wrestling match with the village blacksmith, who creates art depicting the devil getting his comeuppance. Meanwhile, Vakula (the blacksmith), loves a village girl named Oksana, who spurns him. He and the devil then engage in a competition for Oksana's affections.

THIS MIGHT NOT BE SUITABLE FOR KIDS - it's a grownup fairytale. One review I read on Goodreads said "devils, witches, vodka, and unrequited love." HA HA HA. The same reviewer said it reads like a folk fairytale with some slapstick to boot. So maybe older kids? But read it first (it's not very long) and use your judgement. As a collector of all kinds of fairytales, I thought it sounded interesting so I wanted to share!

Have a LOVELY weekend! It snowed a bit last night and school was cancelled. The kids in our neighborhood are beyond delighted. There hasn't been a proper snow in the Seattle area in several years, so we're all excited. I was up three times in the night trying to see if it was still snowing. (it was!)



  1. Oh my gosh, so I , too, just read about that Gogol book this year, and my library doesn't have it. Then I found the boxed set of those Penguin Christmas Classics on Amazon, but I'm broke. So I'll have to wait til next uear, I guess. We're probably skipping our trip to Lucia Fest now, too (seems wrong to do so much this weekend after the fire at my grandma's last night), so I'm definitely making Lucia buns. We have a few of those winter books checked out now! We were supposed to have snow this week, and I wanted to blog about them then, but Kansas weather... Wichita got almost nothing. Boo. Have a merry weekend!!!

    1. Oh, and I meant to tell you I love those cups. Green is my very favorite color.

    2. Oh no, your poor grandma! i'm going to PM you about that. i'd love to see the Louisa May Alcott Christmas collection book. wish my luck with the first time making :)

  2. Those cups are gorgeous - I love that color scheme.

    The Lucia buns look nice too. I am bummed about St. Lucia Day this year - I have to FAST! I have to get a blood draw for an annual health assessment that morning, and I have to fast for 12 hours prior. St. Lucia Day is a lot less interesting if you can't eat any treats/buns. I am rather mopey about it =(

    1. Oh no! so sorry about the blood test timing, boo. :(

      I've never really celebrated St. Lucia day before! I'm going to try my hand at making the buns and we'll light some candles.

  3. I have a couple of the Penguin Christmas Classics-A Christmas Carol, and another I can't think of the name of right now. I love the covers so much.

    I am fairly certain those are bouillon bowls-I also have a few I have picked up over the years. I actually thought they were teacups at first, they seemed small for any kind of bowls. Then the more I collected vintage china, the more I realized that most of it is much smaller than we are used to-they didn't dish out such gigantic portions back in the day ;)

    I think the china is beautiful, I love the colors. Can I ask who the maker is?

    My book club is having it's 4th Annual Jane Austen Birthday Tea today-so I will be enjoying lots of scones, clotted cream and lemon curd. I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday!