December 6, 2016

santa's toy shop

Hello merry elves! Are you feeling merry? Or tired? I shot out of the Christmas gate like a cannon and now I'm feeling like I got overly ambitious. Christmas decoration is officially done, and now we're moving on to the cooking (cookie) phase of the holiday. I'll show you all a very simple cookie recipe next week. I'm all about very simple. And I'm all about very simple and yet charming vintage classics, like 'Walt Disney's Santa's Toy Shop' from Little Golden Books. I love anything that has to do with Santa's workshop, I've had a strange obsession since I was little.

 This sweet little happy book basically just shows Santa kickin' it with his elves, making toys and dancing around while Mrs. Claus makes gingerbread cookies. They make dolls, trains, games, building la la happy happy happy.....Santa shows his elves the best way to paint on a SMILE. How cute is that??

 "Oh jumping jacks!" says Santa when he's busy and running late - um, this is now going to be my new catchphrase when I'm frustrated. OH JUMPING JACKS.

 All Santa really wants to do is to play with the toys he's made, but he's oh so busy sending letters, making toys, delivering the goods, and he even finishes decorating the Christmas tree in one house. He sits down at one stop to "have a bite of lunch" - cookies and milk. It's so precious, you guys.

Finally Santa gets to play with the toys, as he delivers them at the various house. I used to be huge Santa watcher. I would wait and wait to hear jingle bells. I was the truest of true believers. I would sneak downstairs in the middle of the night. I truly thought of Christmas as the most magical night of the entire year and this book....I'm telling you, it gives you that feeling. Santa's toyshop is the coolest place in the world.

I decorated the book with some vintage wooden ornaments that are so! tiny! They're only about inch tall, if that. I've no idea where they came from, I've had them since I was a teen. I think. I honestly can't recall where they came from, I've just had them for ages and ages. Julia has a little fake tree that we set up in her room and I let her decorate her tree with these little cuties.

There are MILLION and a million more holiday books out there. But I think this one is so sweet - I love Golden Classics books. The art is so vintage darling and every page is a delight.


  1. I have this book! I picked it up at a garage sale a couple years ago, it is adorable. I have a deep love of the classic Golden Books too!

    1. my husband's aunt just told me she got a copy of this for 29 cents!!!! they are all such treasures, all the Golden books.

  2. I love these types of classic Christmas books - they feel so comfortable and homey. Your tiny ornaments are perfect for it.

    I am feeling stressed about Christmas this year, but when I sit down and think about it I am realizing it isn't Christmas, it is just this week that is stressing me out. It is full of non-Christmas related busy-ness, which is making me feel like I can't focus on enjoying the season. I need to just get through this week and then reset my focus on the good stuff.

    1. You know, i think holidays are just stressful for parents. and moms ha. breathe! this is why i've grown to love January even more than December. It's a slower pace from the mania of Christmas!

  3. You are really the best at bringing moments to life. How beautiful is this post?