January 24, 2017

a year full of stories

Hello friends! It seems like a long long time since we've chatted here. It seems like so much has happened in the past two weeks, it's been hard for me to keep up with it all.

But here we are, and it's still winter. My birthday came and went, the Lunar New Year is this weekend, and then I have to prepare for Julia's birthday! I've been wanting to share this book for weeks now, and I have to get on it quickly, because I took pictures of the more winter themed months in the book and I need to show them to you while it's still indeed winter....

I got this beautiful book, 'A Year Full of Stories' by Angela McAllister for my nephew for Christmas. The book is so fabulously illustrated by Christopher Corr. This one was HARD you guys, it was so hard for me to give it up and let it leave my hands! So amazing! I really want a copy for myself. I considered it a huge effort to part with it. I hope he loves it as much as I do!

This is a collection of folk tales and legends from all over the globe, and the whole thing is just WONDERFUL. Let's take a peek:

Did you see the endpapers up above? Did you SEE them? So gorgeous. And did you see the table of contents? I loooooove how this book is put together. It takes you through the calendar year, and gives you tales that correspond with certain festival days and holidays from various cultures around the world. Times like International Day of Friendship, Midwinter, Lammas Day, St. Andrew's Day, and many other festival celebrations I had never heard of before, as well as more traditional holidays like Halloween, Christmas, Yom Kippur and Kwanzaa.

Another aspect I love is that each story tells you the month of the festival or holiday, as well as the season, and the country from which the story hails. See below - 'Why the Evergreens Keep Their Leaves'. At this point, I think I'm pretty conversant in regards to nearly every myth or fairy tale archetype that ever there was. There's not a lot out there that is NEW to me, you know?

But this book, this is all NEW to me. Every story was like a breath of fresh air, and I had heard of practically none of them. I don't know any Inuit stories! I don't know about folk tales from Brazil! I didn't know there is a World Wildlife Day!

I love it when a book blows me away with things I've never seen before.

 Isn't it beautiful? Seriously. Let's talk about the art. The whole package really sold me, the unique nature of the stories, the world wide celebration of folk tales, and the ART. You know me by now - if the art is stunning, I'm gonna buy the book. The rich vibrancy, the rustic folk art nature of the illustrations just blew me away. This is a special one guys, and like I said, I gave it as Christmas present - that's how special and amazing I thought this book. So gift worthy! I think it just came out last fall, and it deserves to be passed around far and wide. Kids from grades 2-5 will adore. Looking at these photos makes me sad all over again that I had to give it away - I won't be super happy until I get it back into my permanent collection!


  1. What a neat concept! It's like a year-long social studies unit. Since I homeschool my kids, perhaps I can use that idea to justify another "I HAVE TO HAVE IT" book purchase to my husband =) The book is just beautiful.

    1. Oh I think it would so totally fun to have this for homeschooling. What a perk of homeschool! You get to choose the reading material!!

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    1. I want it too! I had it and had to give it as a present, waaaah. #bookproblems

  3. wow, it looks so beautiful, i want it too!!