January 17, 2017

how to be cozy in winter

Here's what is a funny thing about this list. This is a real list. Real as in, this was actually a wish list of things I sent off to my husband at Christmas time. And yet, I received none of these things for Christmas. So this list has now become my birthday wish list. And if that fairy tale book doesn't show up for my birthday, so help me.....

But I shan't complain. It struck me that my Christmas-slash-birthday wish list also functions nicely as a cozy compendium of sorts, don't you think? Am I using the word 'compendium' in totally the wrong way? Never mind. The essentials of getting-through-winter are all here. Tea, a very cool book, a treat, and something for the bath. All you need to do extra is BYOB. (Bring your own blanket. What did you think I was spelling?)

First on my cozy wish list are Cardamom marshmallows from Whimsy & Spice. I've ordered cookie boxes a couple of times from them for Andrew's birthday and for Father's Day, and their products are amazing. Amaaaaaaazing. With very cool and unusual flavorings to many of their offered treats. I've had another flavor of their marshmallows before, and the subtle flavors in the marshmallow froth added to hot chocolate is out of this world. How fantastic would the cardamom be in a hot chocolate, made with almond or coconut milk? PRETTY FANTASTIC.

Next up, tea. If you've been following me on Instagram, you might have seen me rave about this wintertime tea. But I'm also giving loving wishful glances towards this winter set of teas from Bellocq. That White Wolf tea, did you see that? Did you see? Love.

While we're hanging out on the Bellocq site, (I was indeed hanging out there at Christmas time, imagining all the things I would like to have) I'd like to point out to you (and my husband) that they offer these miniature sized, Japanese-inspired teapots that are so beautiful. There are two that I think are especially stunning. The Wainscott teapot and the Nara teapot. So cute, right?

Moving onto the bath. I'm very partial to Epsom salt baths. I use them all the time, using regular epsom salt from the drugstore. Epsom salt is fantastic, but it's not very....special. You don't feel like you're having A BATH EXPERIENCE. For that you need to go up a notch, and try something like Japanese hot springs bath powder. I've used them before, and they are so cool. They turn the bath the most beautiful pale milky pastel shades, and leave your skin very lightly fragrant. Very subtle. I LOVE Japanese bath soak packets, but for some reason I haven't laid my hands on any in over a decade. No idea why. I've been asking for some as a present for years, but clearly I just need to get it myself. This set got great reviews and seems like the hot spring bath soaks that I used to use.

Lastly, a book. Everyone needs a special book to get them through winter. Or....a lot of special books. For me, the ultimate fairy tale lover, I need a special fairy tale book from time to time, to add to my collection. My last special fairy tale book was this one. I sit down with each new acquisition and I pet it. NO I'M NOT JOKING. My daughter will tell you. I hug and pet my books. I asked for 'D'Aulaire's Book of Norwegian Folk Tales' for Christmas and it did not materialize. I was so aghast, I did the rudest thing. I actually brought it up in this manner - "OMG WHERE IS MY NORWEGIAN FAIRY TALE BOOK? DO I NEED TO ORDER IT MYSELF??" My husband told me to take a chill and wait and see what happens on my birthday.

Well, my birthday is TOMORROW and all I can say is, I really hope I am blogging about this book in one week's time or there's going to be some 'upheaval' in my attitude. And by that I mean, I will take out my Amazon ordering finger, because I've been waiting nearly a year for this one. Book problems, AMIRIGHT? I disgust myself. (But really I would very much like this book)

So there you go lovelies! Anything else you think should be on my Getting Through Winter hygge-style list? For those who would suggest alcohol, yeah I hear you, and I'd like to tell you about a Christmas present that DID materialize. The cutest half-bottle of sherry. We've already gone through most of it, and now both my husband and I like to pretend to be 80-year old British people sipping our sherry.

~Marshmallow photo taken by Jenna Park of Whimsy & Spice.


  1. I bought the book for myself for Christmas. I just knew my husband would never think of buying for me, even if I hinted, so I just skipped the whole step and bought it for myself. I justified it buy giving it as a group gift to all my children. We are now reading it story by story at bedtime and my kids are keeping a tally of how many princesses and half-kingdoms Espen Cinderlad has collected so far.

    I am very interested in those Japanese bath salts. I've never heard of them before, but I think they sound delightful!

    1. You are so smart. No middle man! Just the ordering finger! ha ha ha. I did indeed get it! (it's the day after my birthday as i write - and the stories looks so fun! is Cinderlad in every story ha ha? is that a general Young Man term?)

    2. He and his two brothers appears in several of the first few stories (we are only about 1/3 through the book), but the stories doesn't appear to be actually connected. It makes me wonder if the stories might not actually be regional variations of the same story? Whatever the reason for the re-use of the name, you'll enjoy them.

  2. I got that book for my birthday this year, and right now, there are photos of it for a future blog post, still sitting on my camera! I haven't blogged a darn thing since Christmas Eve.

    It is lovely.

    Happy early birthday! xoxo

    1. hey i'm lucky if i make it out of bed in January. Winter makes me hibernate. i've realized that my stats actually seem to go up when I DON'T blog ha ha ha.

  3. Happy birthday!!!

    To be cozy, one also needs a special librarian-ish sweater, don't you think? I just got the softest charcoal gray sweater at Old Navy this weekend. It's kind of like a longish cardigan but with a rolled neck thingy. No buttons. Can you picture it with my ridiculous description?

    Oh, and I've been making buttered toast lately on homemade bread. Very cozy.

    Hugs to you!! Enjoy your special day - I hope you get your book!

    1. Beautiful Michelle!!! Happy 2017! YES. SWEATER. Off to go look at Old Navy. Guess what - so my birthday was yesterday and a dear friend brought me a rose-grey cardigan that she found on clearance at Target and I seriously SHRIEKED with happiness. I had worn my other favorite cardi into the ground. Sweaters are a MUST.

      off to make toast.

      (i did get the book!!!!!)

  4. I haven't checked your blog in a while and I've forgotten what a beautiful, joyful place it is! I LOVE IT!! Exactly what I needed to brighten my day! HUGS :)

    1. ah my friend, THANK YOU. you are the best best best. I'm a lot more joyful here than anywhere else ha ha ha. so glad to bring a smile. xoxoxoxoxo


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