February 10, 2017

cool stuff i like - valentine's edition

Happy Friday! My goodness what a week. I meant to get this post out earlier, but it SNOWED on Monday and Tuesday, and it was the excitement of the land around here, I tell you. All winter we've been waiting our turn for some snow. School everywhere pretty much was canceled for two days. On Day 2, Julia and her neighbor decided to create a 'Farm Girl Chic' fashion show. It was truly hilarious. They came up with names for all of the different outfits. The gems in the collection were 'The Shy Hay Bale' (whaaaaaat??), '1920's Punk Barn', 'The Egg Messenger' (my personal favorite), and 'The Lumberjack's Daughter'. Oh and there was also 'Pretty Pasture', and 'Parisian Farmgirl'. (are there farm girls in Paris????)  By the time it ended, I was seriously crying with laughter.

So let's talk about Valentine's Day! My kiddo and I LOVE this holiday. LOVE it. Chocolate and pink, what's not to like?

Yoda Valentine printable. Julia decided she totally wants to do this.

We were gifted with these Valentine's paper chains in 2015 - twice! - so we had them up last year and this year we made another one - got a long strand hanging in the kitchen right now.

I love this woman so much, I feel like we are soul sisters. Fabulous post that made me laugh HARD and how cool, Valentine Making Kits!

The prettiest heart shaped chocolate cake with pink frosting.

12 colorful Valentine's Day arts and crafts for kids.

You have to see this picture.

Peanut Butter Valentine's Day Panda Chow.

The best romantic novels of all time.

How pretty is this liberty heart garland?

I have a very cool Valentine's Day Pinterest board.

Cool Book of the Week: 'The Secret Life of Squirrels - A Love Story' by Nancy Rose just came out December 2016, and come on. COME ON. Are you all familiar with the first book? Have you ever seen it? Prepare for amazement, my friends. Nancy Rose created little scenes and then photographed real squirrels interacting with the props. IT IS THE CUTEST. And in this one, the squirrels are seen going to a bookstore and meeting up at a library! Apparently, Rose hides peanuts within the scenes to get the squirrels to move around and explore the environments she's created. Adorable doesn't even scratch the surface. If these had come out when Julia was a tinier tot, we would have owned the entire series already.

Have a lovely weekend! Will you be making Valentines? I'm knee deep in birthday prep - Julia's is coming up soon. On Valentine's Day, we make pink pancakes with chocolate chips. I used to get a mix, but when I can't find it, I just make regular pancake batter and add the tiniest drop of red food coloring and add in mini chocolate chips. And are you dreaming of spring? I'm dreaming of spring.



  1. Okay, I clicked on each and every link this time! Amazing. I heart Valentine's Day too and totally celebrate it w my daughter - not my gorgeous husband!

    1. ha ha ha! love my husband and he loves us, but wow is he not enthused by Valentine's Day. It's ok! We just won't feel bad about hoarding all the chocolate ;)

  2. We are in full Valentine prep mode here, although our homeschool group's party isn't until the 21st, so I get an entire extra week of pink, glittery madness. Every day someone new gets added to the "WE MUST MAKE THEM A FANTASTIC AND UNIQUE VALENTINE" list, so the real question is: will my stock of supplies hold out? Good problems to have during this strange winter we are having.

    That squirrel book looks fantastic. We have three squirrels who play in our backyard, and their antics are hilarious. My kids would get a kick out of making scenes for them to explore.

    1. oh wow I feel your pain, - one year Julia wanted to make old fashioned doily valentines and make them all different with washi tape etc and they were very pretty and fun but guess who basically did everything?? me me me.

      i kinda want to take up squirrel training now but I think our dog would lose her mind.....