February 3, 2017

valentine's day tea

Hello friends! So it is Friday, but instead of Cool Stuff, I have tea. I'll have Cool Stuff early next week. It's topsy turvy land out there, and my brain feels topsy turvy, and that's just the way the ball is rolling right now. Or the way the cookie is crumbling. Or the sky is falling. Or.....hey, is it spring yet? When February rolls around, I start the countdown to spring, even though there is a good month and a half left of winter.

I found some pretty teas that might be nice for Valentine's Day. My husband loathes Valentine's Day. I think he thinks it's a time of excessively priced flowers and romantic nonsense that he'd rather pretend doesn't exist ha ha ha, but I LOVE Valentine's Day, and so does Julia. I love the pink, I love the chocolate and I love pretty cards. And when I discovered these beautiful teas, I got very excited to let you all know about them.

1) Dark Obsession Chocolate Rose Tea from Mariebelle is so lovely. I had it many years ago - I found a small tin of it in Anthropologie and the tin was so beautiful, I kept it long after the tea was gone. I still have it! This is a black Ceylon tea infused with chocolate extract and rose petals. It's WONDERFUL.

2) Now we embark on Let's Suppose Land because the rest of these teas, I haven't tried. But they look absolutely gorgeous. Harney & Sons 'Valentine's Blend' is another black tea blended with chocolate and rose petals. Can't answer as to how it compares to the Mariebelle blend, but that's a taste test I'd happily perform any day of the week if I could.

3) Now, many of you might have heard me mention a few half million times how much I ADORE tea from Kusmi. I'M DRINKING SOME RIGHT NOW, no fooling. ( the 'Detox' blend - green tea with lemongrass and mate.) I usually get variety packs from Kusmi, and they have ALL been amazing. Every flavor. Astoundingly, I haven't tried the Sweet Love variety, but this is a black tea blended with licorice, various spices, guarana and pink pepper. You can find it in a variety of sizes here, or in sachets from Amazon.

4) I really want to try Lov tea, which is new to me, and it appears to be Scandinavian? They might be affiliated somehow with Kusmi. This 'Lov is Pur' blend is green tea mixed with yerbe mate, with pieces of dried apple and citrus notes. There's also a 'Linden Rose' flavor that comes in a pink tin and looks lovely and floral.

5) And lastly I leave you with tea from Nina's Paris, which comes in the prettiest tin ever. Sorry the picture is so small, and not easy to see. But seriously, this is tea as kitchen decor! This one is called 'Tea L'Original de Marie-Antoinette' and MY WORD it looks exquisite. A black tea blend with apples and rose petals. The tea is made in France, and the apples supposedly come from Versailles. I guess that's how they are justifying the cost?? I actually am not offended by this pricing, considering that the tin is something to KEEP FOREVER. Many reviewers proclaimed this was the best tea they had ever had. You can also get it in a box of tea bags. I think we're on the rose petal theme with most of these, mais oui? There's also a 'Tea Fete de Versailles', which comes in an equally enchanting tin.

You can check out all of the varieties at the Nina tea website, and you can read a more complete review with beautiful photos about the Marie-Antoinette tea HERE. And you can see photos of the actual Nina's teashop in Paris HERE.

New life goal. Go to Paris and sit in teashops! What do you think - tea for Valentine's Day? Awesome right?


  1. I'm more of a coffee person than tea, but tea in Paris sounds wonderful. Even better for me would be tea in London!!

    1. i'll take London or Paris, any day any time! fun fact - i've never had a cup of coffee in my life.

    2. No coffee-ever? Wow-you are a rare breed! By the way, I just received The Little Book of Hygge yesterday, I LOVE it!! Thank you so much for posting about it!

  2. Yaaaaaaaassss! TEEEEEAAAAAA!!! I'll have to try that chocolate-rose tea! Question: do you have a caramel tea that you like? Your blog makes me so happy <3