March 23, 2017

cool stuff i like

Hello my friends! I'm here a day early! Because my site is getting looked at for a wee makeover and if we're down for a few days, I wanted to be sure and get this post out. So...yeah. Say goodbye to those horrible horrible bluebirds! It's so funny, I used to be so fond of them in the beginning. Now I can't stand the sight of 'em, ha ha ha. It was either - get rid of the bluebirds or I need to stop blogging. Ugh. They were haunting me in my sleep! I'm not a big enough blogger to warrant throwing a ton of $$ at this site to make it have every bell and whistle in the world and custom graphics and all that jazz, but I really needed to look at something other than what I've been looking at, and I think a change will be nice for you all as well. I've been working on de-cluttering the site and my sidebars. So let's hope it works out!

Cool things for everyone this week:

Postcards from the resistance. Please check out these beautiful creations, many of them from my favorite photographers! Beautiful work from amazing artists, for a worthy cause. So worth your time to take a peek, apparently they are flying out the door.

Let this be good and not mess up Mulan.

THE COLORS. You will love love love my friend Cindy Cavanaugh's photos. Incredible.

Spring chickens.

Apple cinnamon breakfast muffins.

More amazing photos. Girls going to school all around the globe.

Put an egg on it.

An English cottage garden.

A week of healthy meals.

Cool Book of the Week: 'The Lightning Queen' by Laura Resau is one I've been checking out for awhile. I almost got Julia to buy it but she saw something else that she was really hankering for, so this was lost in the shuffle. But I really want someone to read it! You, me, or whoever. Ha! I love the cover, which is always a big seller for me, as you know. It sounds so unusual and fantastic - a Romani girl and a Mixteco boy in a 1950's mountain village in Mexico become friends after a fortuneteller predicts the two will form a lifelong friendship. She eventually becomes a film star and he becomes a healer, and they lose track of each other only to be brought back together by their grandchildren. It got rave reviews on Amazon.

Have a lovely weekend! I just finished reading 'The Help'. Oh my word it's so great, I can't believe I hadn't ever read it before. And I've been watching the back episodes of 'Victoria' that I missed, because now I signed up for PBS Passport. And eating....nothing exciting really. I did make some sweet potato, coconut and date muffins from this cookbook and they were fabulous! It's a beautiful cookbook. Ok see you on the other side of my blog remodel - let's hope all goes well and I never have to see those bluebirds again.



  1. Good luck on the blog remodel! I really enjoyed the pictures of the girls going to school-they were beautiful.

    1. weren't those amazing?? a friend sent that to me!!

  2. I just redid mine (why not, since I haven't blogged since Valentine's Day). There are some cool new templates on Blogger, and it was pretty easy. There are a couple things I may try to fix later, but it works for now.

    We're thinking of getting a couple more chicks next month or so. Our girls turn one in April. I hope to throw them a little chicken party!

    That books sounds so cool.

    1. sigh. i went custom with this current one so I therefore need help with the new one. bah. Chicken party sounds fantastic!!

  3. I'm excited about the remodel! I hope it goes smoothly for you.

    And would you believe I have never seen Mulan? I should probably fix that before too much more time passes.

    1. ha ha it's not going smoothly!!! we 've hit a roadblock. back to the drawing board....oh this is such fun! aaah.

  4. The photos of the girls going to school are incredible!
    Good luck with your blog update. I'm still working on mine - it has been taking longer than planned.

    1. mine is gonna take longer too ha ha ha. sigh. what's your blog Claire? I'd love to check it out!