March 17, 2017

st. patrick's day books

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We'll be eating our slow cooker corned beef and cabbage later in the day and my husband will be on Irish Soda Bread patrol. It's one of two things he makes. The other one being sandwiches. (insert crying emoji)

Well, if I had been a Good Blogger, I would have put together this list a couple of weeks ago. But hey. I think these would be fun to look through, whether it's St. Paddy's Day or not, mais non? They all strike me as 'Springy'. And because I'm decidedly NOT a Good Blogger, let run these books past the 'micro' blogging routine shall we? Let's see how fast I can sum up each one.

Starting from the top left - 'A History of Irish Fairies' by Carolyn White is very pretty. The cover is selling me here. Fun fact - I chose ALL of these based on their covers. (none of which I've read, we're all in this together my sweets! I'll tell you which one I'm going to look for at the library though.) What I like about this one is that it apparently serves as an "ultimate guide to the Wee People, from cluricauns and leprechauns, to Silkies, Banshees, and Pookas. Chapters include: Fairies and the Devil, Fairy Clothes and Appearance, Immortality of Fairies, and How to Provoke a Fairy." I want to provoke a fairy!! Also, WHAT is a cluricaun???

I'm already off to a rough start at being brief.

Next is 'Irish Tales of the Fairies and the Ghost World' by Jeremiah Curtain. Curtain is considered an expert on Irish folklore and he collected these tales from people living all over Ireland. I love ghost stories. This one I think I'll read next fall at Halloween time, actually.

'Irish Fairy and Folk Tales' was collected and put together by William Butler Yeats. Did you know he was Irish? I didn't. Or I forgot. I'm a sad excuse for an English major. This lovely has quite a lot of legends thrown in with the fairy lore.

And the next book, 'The Teapots Are Out and other Eccentric Tales from Ireland' by John B. Keane - THIS is the one I'm actually trotting off the library to go and find. Keane is one of Ireland's favorite tale spinners, so says Amazon - and this collection of humorous short stories looks really charming. And here's why I REALLY want to read it - because of this review! "Sorry I bought it. Terrible writing and most of the stories makes no sense at all." HA HA HA HA! Reviewer on just totally sold me on this. It's supposed to be funny and fun and sweet and I'm thinking it needs to be in my bedtime reading stack.

Lastly, we have a very awesome looking find - 'Irish Cures, Mystic Charms & Superstitions' by Lady Wilde. Guess who that is? Oscar Wilde's mama! How cool. There's information about fairies, as well as information on the traditional uses of herbs, and nuggets on Irish sayings and superstitions. 

FUN RIGHT?? I think they all look delightful.

Oh speaking of all things Irish today, do you know about the blog Farmette?? I have her cookbook. I love her blog. If you don't know it, or her story, you're in for a treat. (an American meets an Irish farmer and moves her whole life to Ireland!)

Any St. Paddy's Day plans? I hope the leprechauns haven't been too naughty at your house.

P.S. programming note - I know my blogging has been a bit scarce. BUT. I have sitting in my house FOUR of the coolest and sweetest new books! I'm so happy I could cry about them. I went on a bit of a book buying spree. I can't WAIT to show them off to you!!


  1. Our kids books are sitting in bins all over my house, so no St. Paddy's day books for us this year. I am wearing green and we got Shamrock Shakes this afternoon. I made colcannon for dinner. Other than that, it's working on kids' rooms and watching Shockers basketball. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    1. AAAAAAH we missed the Shamrock Shakes!!! Bummer. I have always wanted to try Colcannon! I'm getting a bit tired of the corned beef. I think next year we'll either do colcannon or Guiness stew of some kind. Good luck with the room reorganization!!