April 3, 2017

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday on a Monday! Still trying to get the new blog design sorted out...I am so hoping by the end of this week. Just got a big new orchid bloom from the plant you see here - it bloomed about 6 months ago and I BROKE THE FLOWER STEM. I was so horrified! But it grew new flower stems and behold the result. There's one more bloom that's about to open - I'll have four of these beauties! And I think this variety, once bloomed, will be in flower for weeks. I've got another orchid in bloom that's been looking perfect for at least two months now. Ok so did any of you watch 'Big Little Lies'? Wow wow wow. I'm so sad that it's over. What did you think? Did you love it? I'm off to go read the book now.

Cool Stuff this week:

Zen coloring books for adults.

The 30 Best Children's Books for Girls of All Time.

Sushi Saturdays.

Amazing. The sounds of stars and planets. (thanks to my friend Jill for putting this on my radar)

A whole lot of cool Emily Bronte info.

Chocolate banana muffins.

Well this is fascinating, my dad sent it to me - where do early childhood memories go?

TOTORO TEA. Oh please let this be available soon outside of Japan! Thank you Danzel for the link!

This post clicked with me on many levels.

Springtime Oreos.

Cool Book of the Week: 'Please Bring Balloons' by Lindsay Ward is just a gorgeous thing. With beautiful paper cut illustrations. Utter enchantment about a girl and a bear that comes off the carousel she is riding upon - and the journey they take together to the far north, where they have a lovely party with other polar bear friends. Look at those colors. And the inside is just as pretty! Great for preschoolers through Grade 1.

Have a great week! Are you in Easter mode yet? I made a new stick tree to hang eggs on, can't wait to show it to you. I have a bag of jelly beans, and I've managed not to open it it. Yet.



  1. ORCHIDS!!! I need one! They are so beautiful!!

    My baby sister got married yesterday. It was a whirlwind because their engagement was three weeks! Yep, three weeks. It came off beautifully, but when you mentioned Easter and eggs I looked around at my house and realized i still had St. Patrick decorations up and that I need to seriously get my Spring/Easter act together.

    The Bronte link was very interesting. I caught the end of a biographical movie on the Brontes recently (PBS I think?), and it caused me to check out a biography from the library. It will be interesting to see what slant the book takes.

    1. Ok so the Bronte show - amazing acting and wow did those women look just like the portrait paintings of the Brontes! I thought the story itself was a little disjointed. Would have worked better as a miniseries maybe. For a more fleshed out and richer in detail story - check out the book 'The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Bronte' by Syrie James. Based on Charlotte's letters, it's a FABULOUS read, I think last year sometime I mentioned it somewhere here. Really really good! definitely check it out! It's based on their real history, but presented as a fictional story. You'll love it!

    2. Congrats to your sister!! I had a friend who had a engagement like that, and 2 kids and 10 years later, they are so happy you can't believe it!

  2. I love that book! It's so sweet. You saw the Totoro rolling pin, too, right? If not, Google it. It IS available in the US! And I seriously only heard about Big Little Lies for the first time yesterday, and I still know nothing about it.

    I think I may blog today....

    1. you will FLIP over Big Little Lies! I'm off to see if I can get the book from the library. I made Andrew sign us up for HBOGo so I could see the show.

    2. I did see the Totoro rolling pin!!! AMAZING!

    3. Oh, HBO. Sigh. We're paying for Sling, and I know we can't do both right now.

  3. I haven't seen Little Big Lies, but I loved the book! All Liane Moriarity's books are super fab! I am going to look into it at some point, after grad school is done this summer maybe. So many good things to do when grad school is done!!

    Your orchids are just delightful! And I am pretty sure that book needs to find its way into my Amazon cart.... ;-) So pretty!