April 11, 2017

the whispering rabbit

Howdy hey! A million apologies for not getting this book before your eyes a little earlier in the month, but let me tell you - although it features a bunny, this is a not an Easter book, and it deserves to be read all spring long, and in fact, it's not even a spring book per se, and it's SO CHARMING, you'll want this for your permanent bookshelf collection, like I did, and you will LOVE LOVE LOVE it all year long, because It. Is. Amazing.

Annnnnnnd let's pause a moment and take a look back at that paragraph and marvel. I swear with each passing blog post, I set the bar just a wee bit higher for myself to see how many run-on sentences I can string together.

'Margaret Wise Brown's The Whispering Rabbit' is such a treasure, and I'm stupefied that I've never seen it before, never read it before, never knew it existed. I saw it in a bookstore recently, and picked it up, flipped the pages and then went directly to pay for it at the checkout counter. Annie Won's illustrations have put this newly reissued vintage delight into a new realm of enchanting. This, and other classic tales, are part of Little Golden Books 75th anniversary set. (Um, so if you're looking for a really special gift for someone......go, go, go!) I found this as a standalone, but I would have gone for the set if I had seen it in the bookstore.

This sweet, darling, ADORABLE little fable tells of a tiny bunny who forgets to cover his mouth when he yawns and oh no! He swallows a little bumblebee by accident. He tries and tries to get it out, but oh no again! The bumblebee has fallen asleep.

The bunny is advised that he needs to wake up the bee with a little noise, not a big noise, because bumblebees don't pay attention to big noises. So the rabbit starts making all kinds of 'little noises'. Even a whisper is too loud.

He makes sounds like a bug breathing. Too loud. A sound like snow melting. Nope. A fly sneezing noise. Still too much. He finally thinks to make the sound of a bee swallowing some honey from an APPLE BLOSSOM, and that does the trick. SWALLOWING HONEY FROM AN APPLE BLOSSOM.

And loooooooook at that picturrrrrrrrrre up above!

Then the bee wakes up and flies away. And the little bunny can finally take his own nap.

So, Margaret Wise Brown. I'm so wanting to read this biography about her - it just came out this past winter and it sounds so interesting - did you know that she wasn't all that fond of children?? Not sure if you worship at her shrine, like I do. I love and appreciate 'The Runaway Bunny' and  'Goodnight Moon' as much as the next person, but the book that really cements her status in my mind as a true legend is 'The Little Fur Family', which I think is one of the few absolutely perfect picture books in existence. Her works paired with Garth William's art is the stuff dreams are made of.

Anyway....this book is utterly, crazy fantastic, and if I had had this one when Julia was 3 or 4 years old, it would have been on auto-repeat every day.

I've just realized that I need to go get all my Margaret Wise Brown's together on the same shelf. One of my #bookgoals is to have all of her books. Or most of them. Do you have a favorite? I think after 'The Little Fur Family', my other great favorite is 'The Color Kittens'. I also really need to get 'Wait Till The Moon Is Full'. (Another one she did with my knight in shining armor, Garth Williams)

In other news, I'm totally running out of bookshelf space. #bookproblems


  1. I want "Wait Until he Moon is Full" too! And I would have to say that Tasha Tudor is my I-must-collect-all-her-books person. Although Julie Morstad, who I just REALLY discovered this spring is running a close second. She is more of an illustrator generally, but she appears to only illustrate marvelously delightful books.

    And of course, I must know, did you like Emily Winfield Martin's Littlest Family's Big Day? It seems like you did a blog post on that.... (I just googled and... August 26th!) It is so cute!! The original though....it is more than cute. Deep and secure and gentle. I am a Garth Williams/Margaret Wise Brown fangirl myself.)

  2. I'm waiting on my library hold for that biography to come in! I did read Leonard S. Marcus's biography, Awakened By the Moon, which I highly recommend. (I highly recommend everything by Marcus, actually.)

    There's another Little Golden Book edition (from the '90s, I think), but I like this one much better. The original illustrator is Garth Williams! Unfortunately, I haven't seen it in person.

  3. someone wrote me in IG saying they had the Garth Williams version! I would LOVE to see that! But I do think this one is super enchanting and gonna be hard to beat.
    FUN, on the bio - we can try and read it together!!