June 27, 2017

chirri & chirra in the tall grass

Oh I hope you love this as much as I do. You might remember me losing what was left of my marbles over the first Chirri & Chirra book, and at the time, I was so excited about the 2017 spring release of Kaya Doi's second book - and here it is! 'Chirri & Chirra In the Tall Grass'. Just published this June. And.....spoiler alert:


Once more with the amaaaaaazing end papers. Loooooooook at this loveliness! I think I might even like this story a little better. It's HYPNOTIC in its beauty.

Once again, little Chirri and Chirra are off on a wee forest adventure. After riding their bikes through some tall grass - once they emerge from the grasses, the twins find themselves tiny-sized. They follow a bumblebee and arrive at the bee's house. IT'S SO CUTE. The bees have been making....

.....honey sponge cake balls wrapped in flower petals.  Aaaaaaaaaah.

Then the kiddos follow another kind of buggy friend who happens to be making some kind of juice, made from YUMBERRY fruit. Yumberry!!!

Then a little lizard guy crosses their path. He's very darling and I love him.

The lizard's house happens to be made of sparkly fluorite crystals, and the lizard needs Chirri and Chirra to assist in the making of.....

.....CRYSTAL CANDY. Whaaaaaaaaaat.

When I was 5 years old, I would have slept with this book. I would have carried it everywhere with me. I would have been straight up OBSESSED.

The only disappointing thing is that the candies that the kiddos get to take home with them disappear, after they ride back through the grass in the twilight. Bummer! But I guess it's alright seeing as how they already had cake and YUMBERRY juice. Doesn't do to be too greedy, I suppose.

Friends, these books are among the most enchanting picture books I've ever seen in my life. Give one to everyone you know! This holiday season, any preschool or kinder aged kiddo in my life is going to get one. Oh and as I was putting in the link for the book, I saw that there's a WINTER themed Chirri & Chirra book coming this fall. 'Chirri & Chirra, The Snowy Day'. WHAT? Off to pre-order immediately, see you later bye.

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