June 19, 2017

cool stuff i like

Hello lovely friends! It feels wonderful to be typing here. The past month has been the busiest month I think I've had in....maybe the past few years?? Those fuzzy little purple guys you see up in the bowl are chive blossoms, which grew on my chive bush. And I'm going to make chive blossom vinegar. When I saw how pretty and PINK it looked, I decided I could make it too. It's brewing away in my laundry room in little bottles, and it really is pink! I'm going to give some away as a Christmas present. Summer has not been particularly hot yet here, but in the Pacific Northwest, there's a saying that summer doesn't really start around here until after July 4. My husband's birthday came and went, then the end of school, end of school year activities, and then Father's Day, and the busy just keeps on rolling. I detest busy. I hate being busy, I really do - and I'm firmly on the side of those who argue that our culture is perpetually busy, to our detriment. One week, I was spending about 3 hours a day on the road, with all the places I needed to drive. So here's to moments of doing nothing, wherever and whenever they might present themselves!

Cool Stuff I've been collecting over the past week:

There's a new Smitten Kitchen cookbook coming this fall.

I love this list of small holidays to celebrate throughout the summer - and no, these aren't make a ton of work for the parent type of things - more like, hey let's get a book from the library or eat outside type of deals.

Chicken that tastes like pizza.

Really want to see this.

101 books to read before you grow up.

This rosy red lip balm.

Oh em gee, someone is selling frocks and smocks!

The 100 best home cooks of all time.

Such. Incredible. Photos. Kirsty Mitchell photography.

I'm making some kind of cake like this next weekend for Midsummer's Eve.

Cool Book of the Week: 'Colette's Lost Pet' by the magical Isabelle Arsenault, just appeared on the scene last month, and Isabelle's gorgeous art is served up in the story as graphic novel style. The entire story is drawn in shades of grey, blue and pops of yellow. After being asked if she has a pet, instead of telling the truth (she does not), Colette says she has a pet who is lost, and the neighborhood kids accompany her around town, looking for her imaginary pet and listening to her fantastical stories about this pet that doesn't really exist. The story sweetly deals with the idea of how a fib escalates. Best for grades preschool - Grade 2.

 Do you have a Midsummer's Eve plans? We like to set things out in our yard for fairies. You can read more about traditional Scandinavian Midsummer celebrations HERE.



  1. Oh yes, I am soooooo ready for moments of not being busy! May was very busy, and June has been, too. I want to make that yummy Midsummer's Eve cake, sit back and RELAX and enjoy it! Sound like a plan to you?

    1. That sounds like an amazing plan!!!! Wooooooo! I'm giddy with relief that school is over. GIDDY. :)

  2. Okay, Melissa. This has to be my favorite list in a really long while. Love the midsommar cake, the 100 home cooks, the frocks and smocks, really, all of it. THANK YOU!

    1. Ah sweet friend, I'm so delighted you liked it!! That place was out of the plum colored smock I wanted - I'm on their email list paitiently waiting for it to become available again.....

  3. Midsommar cake for the win!

    And yes to My Cousin Rachel!

    1. I really want to go - looooooove Rachel Weisz!!!