July 18, 2017

cool stuff i like

Hello friends! I have some cool news to share! - recently I had a series of photos and a small article published in a beautiful fine art magazine, 'The Long Way Home'. It's full of essays, short stories, and photographs (oh the photographs!) that speak to the creative spirit in all of us. I seriously CRIED when I saw the issue - I was completely bowled over to have my work featured alongside some lovely artists that I've admired from afar. If you'd like to see the full series of my photos, as well as the complete piece I wrote (I actually wrote in complete sentences), please see here for the issue, which is available in both print and digital format.

Other cool things to look at:

A sneak peek at the new 'A Wrinkle in Time' movie.

One of my favorite books turns 50!

Speaking of movies, I guess we'll be seeing this. I didn't know this was a movie until today.

Iced Honey Tea au Lait.

I love pom-poms. And you know what? I have a huge pom-pom strand that I display at Christmas time. I'm gonna go get it out and hang it up. 'Cuz why not? My husband will be SO DELIGHTED!

Oh look! A new hygge book!

S'mores cookie bars.

Best protective swimwear for kids.

Look at alllll the walllllllpaperrrrrrr! Love it.

I love watching French people talk about French beauty stuff. Here and here.

Cool Book of the Week: 'The Little Fox in the Forest' by Stephanie Graegien is about as charming as they come. A wordless picture book that depicts the adventures of two friends as they follow a little fox in the woods (the fox has run away with the stuffed fox doll belonging to one of the kids). The children discover an enchanted, vibrant world of animals living colorful lives amidst the trees. Totally in love with the art style here.

Let's see...reading, watching, eating - this book, DUH this show, and lots and lots of cherries and raspberries. And you?



  1. Woman! Congrats on the article! That's fantastic and I'm sure there will be more in future, keep up the wonderful work!

    1. I really did cry when I saw the issue. walked into my husband's office and started bawling! he was like, what's happening here? ha ha ha

  2. PS - I worked on the Emoji Movie last year...!!! Look for my name in the credits - if you can stand to wait until the bitter end.

    1. We ALWAYS wait until the bitter end! Always! We always want to see if there will be a little something extra at the very end. I'll look for your name and point it out to Julia!!

  3. Congratulations on your article - I really enjoyed your thoughts. How totally cool to get published in a magazine!

    Thank you also for sharing the article about the "Mixed Up Files" tour at the Met. I only found the book recently, and haven't yet read any other of her books. The article reminded me to do a quick library request. Also, giving tours of the museum centered around the book? Utterly fantastic!

    1. Thank you my friend!!!!! I'm going to get a few copies to save for the grandchildren, ha.

      How I would love to go to that exhibit -- While I have no desire to live in NYC, sometimes I feel jealous of all the art and shows and museums it has!

  4. Congrats to you!!!!! Let's see... I've been trying to stay cool by eating lots of ice cream, and watching Christmas in July on Hallmark channel! It's ONLY 98 degrees here today... Ugh!

  5. Thank you Julia!!!! 98 DEGREES????? Oh that's too hot!!!! Love that idea of watching Christmas movies ha ha. Oh how I miss the Hallmark Channel!