July 31, 2017

cool stuff i like

Happy Monday! I'm not doing very well at getting book posts out right now, there's been a million and one things going on, but I'm still managing to glean some cool stuff from online. Guess what! You know how I'm very weather obsessed?? This week it's supposed to hit 98 or above in the greater Seattle area. What what what. That is tooooooooo hot. Too hot! I guess we'll be hiding in a movie theater that day. I had a happy accident last week - I was attempting to clean up my closet (it didn't really happen), but I found this pack of old old old hankies that used to belong to my mother. They really need to be cleaned and pressed, but some of them are so pretty! I had totally forgotten that I even owned them. I'm going to find a special box to keep the hankies in and keep it somewhere where I won't forget about them again.

Menocore!!!!!! I am all over this.

The best way to view the Perseid meteor show in 2017.

Making this for a dinner this week.

English summer country garden dreams.

Amaaaaaazing house tour.

Vintage French kids' clothes.

Julia has been loving this show, based on this book.

3 Chairs - fun, cute, new-to-me blog.

Best ice cream sandwiches.

Cool Book of the Week: I stumbled upon 'Wishing for Tomorrow' by Hilary McKay at the library, and when I saw that it was written as a sequel to 'A Little Princess', well I think you can understand that I promptly checked it out and did NOT hand it over to my daughter - I began reading it myself. I'm about a quarter of the way in, and it's neat! The story imagines - what happened to the girls in Miss Minchin's school AFTER Sara Crewe left? What became of Sara's bestie Ermengarde? What happened to mean girl Lavinia? What became of little Lottie? And.....what happened to Miss Minchin and Sara herself???? I'm finding out right now. And while the writing style is not Frances Hodgson Burnett, it's very sweet so far, and I'm totally enjoying it. I think Lavinia and Miss Minchin are going to be shown to have some redeeming qualities. If you're 'A Little Princess' fan, you're going to want to check this out if you haven't already. I had no idea this existed or I would have been on it long ago!

Have a great week! I'll be hiding from the Xtreme Hot. Is it fall time yet?



  1. The worst witch is super cute. Harper stumbled across it and while it's a little old for her, she did watch a couple of episodes before moving back to ninjago! As a visual effects producer, I do cringe a bit at their VFX budget, which appears to be "how much money did you find in the couch?" I can deal with no-budget effects, but wow. Okay, my professional rant is now over...!! The show is cute.

    1. I didn't actually watch any full episodes ha - but I did watch enough to take in that the girl who plays Lady Mormont from Game of Thrones is also playing the Worst Witch!! Cool!!!

  2. I watched the first episode of The Worst Witch. We've read the books, and of course, I grew up on the old '80s tv movie with Fairuza Balk, Charlotte Ray, Diana Rigg and Tim Curry. We have it in DVD, I'm afraid. There was a tv series in the '90 or early 00's, too, that I've never seen.

    After spending last week in the hundreds, I'm relishing the rainy 88 degree weather today!

    1. oh my oh my - 88 degrees and raining? HELLO HUMIDITY!!!!!

    2. But the last time it rained, it wound up 10-15 degrees warmer!