September 22, 2017

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday!!! Ok so this was our weekend last week - on family movie night, every week, everrrrrrrry week, I'm pushing things like 'The Black Stallion', or 'A Little Princess', neither of which Julia has seen, or you know, something of that ilk. Everrrrry week Andrew tries to push old Disney movies that no one ever really cared about. Sorry fans of 'Atlantis'. And everrrrrrry week, Julia wants nothing to do with any of our suggestions usually. But honestly, the things she ends up vetoing us on usually turn out to be the most entertaining. (we ignore her when she requests, everrrrrrrry week, to watch 'Daddy Daycare' for the 59th time, it's her favorite movie of all time) We ended up watching two movies over the weekend - 'Akeelah and the Bee', which I had always heard was MARVELOUS, and it was, and.....the original 'Jaws'. Friends - I have to tell you - I've always been super intensely controlling when it comes to what I'll let my kid watch. I honestly don't know how my husband and Julia arrived on this, but we're scrolling thru Netflix and suddenly we're watching 'Jaws' - Julia's like yeah! An adventure movie! She was all hyped on it. And I'm like, whaaaaaat, are we really doing this? So we watch, she thought it was great, - and me on the other hand - I'm screaming (and I've seen it several times) with my face in a pillow. I seriously cannot handle 'Jaws'. Just knowing that movie EXISTED when I was little....I was afraid there were invisible sharks in POOLS. I'm still afraid of sharks. Don't me started on 'Deep Blue Sea'.  Hope you enjoyed my shark story!

It's officially fall!!! I'm SO HAPPY!

Harry Potter Butter Beer Popcorn.

Amazed that I'm just now discovering Schoolhouse Electric.

Love this recipe idea for a fall gathering.

VERY excited about this show coming in October.

Totally relate to this. Actually I had it the worst when I was a preschool teacher, years and years ago. My arms physically ached after I stopped working there, I was so used to holding children - and when I didn't hold kids all day anymore, it was the strangest feeling.

This guy's food styling is on another level. GORGEOUS photos!

This is great - Books for tweens who love musical theater.

Fresh pear cake.


It's that time o' year when I shove my Autumn Pinterest board at you.

Cool Book of the Week: 'The Gold Leaf' by Kirsten Hall and Matthew Forsythe is just Flat. Out. Stunning. It's breathtaking! I couldn't believe it, as I turned each and every page. Oh my word. It's SO pretty! Shall I go on? The story is lyrical and simple - forest animals find a beautiful gold leaf one day and take turns stealing it from one another - at the end of the day there is nothing left of the leaf. That's sad. But time heals the loss, and the animals grow to appreciate all the various seasonal beauty that presents itself to them throughout the year. And day.....another gold leaf appears. And this time, the animals do not fight one another in order to get it. They marvel at its loveliness, and appreciate the fact that such a unique treat came to adorn their forest again. An EXQUISITE treasure to add to your autumn picture book reading.

Have a lovely weekend! After a MUCH hotter-than-normal summer - it all went away in the blink of an eye. BOOM. Summer over. The temps went down about 25 degrees, and seriously, out came the extra blankets on the beds and our heaviest socks. I have friends in other areas, telling me that their weather is still in the 90's! Wherever you are, I hope the beginning of fall time enables you to get your cozy on.



  1. That Linda woman! She is the epitome of the New York woman. So stylish and fabulous. I'll never be the epitome of anything.

    1. yeah me neither. but in my book, you're the epitome of doing and knowing cool things in the movie world and being just all round generally awesome! I'd like to be the epitome of cozy ha ha ha.

  2. I hear you on the movie thing - I think I will probably have to die before my kids get to see Jaws. However, this weekend I am on a movie mission. My 8-year-old just finished reading "From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler" and she loved it! Then my mom told me there was a movie with Lauren Bacall, and I thought "PERFECT!" Only to discover that it isn't on Netflix, my library system only has it on VHS, and the cheapest available copy on Amazon was NINETY-SIX DOLLARS. I haven't checked youtube yet, but I really hope it might be on there. Sigh. The things we do to entertain our children. \

    1. ha ha ha i'm laughing so hard! yeah, i seriously can't even believe it. I was screaming at Julia during the boat scene where the captain guy gets crunched, I was like DON'T LOOK! COVER YOUR EYES!!! and she's all I'M NOT LOOKING!!! and we're both screaming.

      omigolly yes I forgot there was a movie for that! I can't recall if I ever saw it. why amazon why?? $96??!

  3. Melissa,
    This is your best list yet. Please keep them coming!

  4. ummm....2 things. 1- ATLANTIS WAS AWESOME. 2- i was convinced sharks would come up thru the toilet when i was sitting on it. thanks jaws.

    1. Ok so I guess we're watching Atlantis next time - My husband will be thrilled. Toilet sharks! Those might win over my invisible pool sharks.

  5. I saw Jaws in the movie theater, and I had to go to a babysitting job after. I was so freaked out, even though I knew it was impossible, I was still scared a shark was going to come at me out of the dark! I was traumatized!!

    1. In the dark sharks! I'm laughing so hard at how Jaws has traumatized us all.....and here's my kid seemingly unfazed!

  6. Hi Melissa! Thank you so much for mentioning me in your post. I'm blushing so hard! :)


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