September 18, 2017

When The Sky is Like Lace

Oh my word, it's been so long since I've done an actual BOOK post, you know, on my BOOK blog, I seriously didn't know how to proceed. I wanted to style the book, I was like, how should I show this off, which camera should I use (hi camera phone!), and I hemmed and hawed and finally was like, just TAKE SOME PICTURES OF THE BOOK AND GET IT UP THERE. Just show people the dang book and get it over with. So hi. Here's a marvelous book.

'When the Sky is Like Lace' by Elinor Lander Horwitz and Barbara Cooney is something I happened across online, I think on Amazon, and it just looked so.....what am I seeing here? Girls dancing with otters???? At night? And then I began reading the comment reviews and people were losing their minds, saying it was a favorite from childhood (it came out in 1975 originally), and how cool it was, and how it was part of permanent collections. I got a copy from the library and I was BLOWN AWAY and I started yelling, and chasing Andrew and Julia around, reading aloud from it.

"On a bimulous night, the sky is like lace. 

Do you know how it looks when it's bimulous and the sky is like lace?"

I looked up 'bimulous'. It has no absolute definition, because it was made up for this book. Someone described it as 'magic' and someone else defined it like this, which I think is perfect and spot on, given the context of the book.

Basically, some children go out on a magical evening and find a world of dancing otters, (who like to sing songs to the tune of 'The Mexican Hat Dance'), and they encounter snails hiding in a cinnamon bush.

They watch trees dancing.

Oh and there are RULES about going out on bimulous nights. Such as, do not wear orange clothing - not even on your underclothes.

Also, there are special things to EAT on bimulous nights - things like spaghetti with pineapple sauce.

You eat, you sing, and you OPEN PRESENTS. Here is what you open:

"three fireflies in a jar
anything chartreuse
home-made marshmallow fudge
a bag of red marbles
a coconut." 

Then after the singing, eating, and present-opening...there are games. Anything you like best, and if it involves pretending to be a helicopter or juggling three peaches, so much the better!

Friends, I didn't mean to do a book post on this lovely right now - it seems so Octobery to me, but it's SO COOL it basically pushed all the other books I have in the queue aside, and I had to show it to you RIGHT NOW. This book is utter enchantment, wrapped up in a gossamer, lacy sky. It absolutely is permanent book collection worthy! THE LANGUAGE.

"Did you hear the otters sing?

The wind was rather whistly that night.

Did you see the trees dance the eucalyptus?

There were plum-purple shadows on the bedroom ceiling.

Did you see that the sky was like lace?

Or did you fall asleep and miss it?"

THIS STORY MIGHT BE THE PERFECT AUTUMN BOOK. Oh my land, go chase down this unique beauty right now!!!


  1. Wow - I'll have to seek this one out. The illustrations just look lovely, and "bimulous" is certainly a word to draw you in!

  2. Replies
    1. it's weird, beautiful, and unusual. i luuuuuuvs it!

  3. I love this book. <3 I need to get a copy for my children...maybe a good Christmas book for my 8 yo. Thanks for the reminder! Amy @hearthridgereflections

    1. It's so lovely! It's a speak-to-my-soul type of book, and fun to boot. :)