October 13, 2017

cool stuff i like

Happy Friday my spookies! First of all, if you missed my last book post on 'The Mouse Mansion' - stop.reverse.go. I'll wait for you.
Ok are you back? You didn't go, did you. GO! You MUST see this book! Ok, you read the post right? I'll know if you didn't. Moving on! Do you see that dose of amazing Halloween art up above? It's a darling print that I ordered from my wildly talented friend, Heather Sleightholm. You need to see all the delight in her Etsy shop, Sleightholm Folk Art. Someday her work will be collector's items, mark my words. I have that little print framed and proudly displayed in my living room right now, and it makes me happy every time I see it.

Cool online stuff this week:

The best wallpaper roundup ever.

OMIGOSH - this is the cutest little ghost book I've ever seen. With bonus vanilla marshmallows recipe!

Last week, one of my all time favorite authors just won the Nobel prize for Literature.

Looooove this artist's work.

A sneak peek at IKEA's winter collection.

Great books to give.

A spiced smoothie.

Sheet pan dinners.

October vibes from my girl Jenny.

Classic audio books for the whole family.

Cool Book of the Week: The incredible Emily Winfield Martin, has just come out this October with a new chapter book, 'Snow & Rose'. (She's created several picture books, but this is her second chapter book, and I've been waiting and waiting for her to create another longer length book ever since falling completely in love with 'Oddfellow's Orphanage'.)   First of all, the fairy tale 'Snow White and Rose Red' is one of my great, great favorites. I'm soooooo happy Emily chose this story to work her magic upon. If you aren't familiar with Emily - look here, and look here, AND here- she's.....well she's just magical and that's only way I can describe her. (and she looks like a real life fairy!) Her artistry and aesthetic sensibilities are like a waking dream of the very best kind, that's the only way I can describe Emily's art and her books. I WILL be getting this in my own two hands and photographing it for a complete blog post, but I'm so excited that I had to let you know NOW.

Have a lovely weekend! I've been watching random scary movies with Andrew and not liking any of them. I've totally lost my zeal for scary shows over the years. And I've been eating a cheddar and caramel popcorn mix that comes together in the same bag - from Trader Joe's - and my entire family ate it until it was gone. Like, 2 days, this bag lasted. It's AMAZING. I'm very restless in my book reading right now and have no idea what to read - so to celebrate Ishiguro's Nobel win, I think I'll start 'The Buried Giant', which I've been meaning to read for awhile.



  1. omg, Melissa, to wake up on a FRIDAY and see this list? I'm so so so happy. Love the wallpaper and also LOVE Ishiguro. The IKEA collection is soothing AF.
    Happy to see you on a Friday! Wooooo hoooooo!

    1. My afterlife will be a perfectly organized never ending IKEA landscape......