October 31, 2017

the little witch

Happy Halloween, my spookies! Let me tell you about October. Let's just say that my husband Andrew and I are REALLY looking forward to November. It was so so so busy. And we really hate being busy, ha ha ha. Julia started a new school this fall, was in a new play, had fall soccer going on, and we had two sets of house guests who came to stay. But on the plus side, the weather has been gorgeous and the prettiest leaves EVER that I've seen in our area of the Pacific Northwest. Don't believe me? Go check out this photo on my Instagram.

I have a book for you and please don't be thinking these thoughts:

Great Melissa, thanks for showing me a book about a witch ON Halloween. TOO LATE. No no no no. If you or your kids are anything like I was when I was little - witches are cool and welcome ALL THE TIME.

Especially when the book is 'The Little Witch', by Otfried Preussler.

First of all, if you ever see any re-issued vintage classics from The New York Review Children's Collection, jump on these beauties! They are so gorgeous, with beautiful fabric bindings, and creamy ivory pages. Just lovely. I'm slowly trying to collect them.

'The Little Witch' is a delight, and so so cute. The story details the adventures of a little girl witch - who is ONLY 127 years old. A wee one. She's too young and too small to be invited to go the annual witches dance on Walpurgis Night - so she sneaks in anyway. But gets caught, OH NO! She's reprimanded, and her broom is destroyed and she has to walk home and learn how to practice being a good witch. She spends the next year trying to figure out exactly all what that entails.

Little Witch decides that it means learning to cast weather spells, helping people pick up firewood, teaching mean people a lesson in civility, and assisting a number of various townsfolk and children with various vexing problems.

The head witches think that none of this proves her worth as a witch, especially when they learn that she also cast spells ON A FRIDAY. They believe that only by being a BAD witch, does that make one a GOOD witch.

So the little witch decides to get the last laugh, and she creates a magic bonfire that burns up all the bad witches broomsticks and takes away all of their magic. YAY THE END.

It's a whimsical lark of a fairy tale with the most darling black and white rustic illustrations. Just enough adventure and fun to be sprightly, without the spooks! First published in 1957, this one's great for kids ages 5-10. SUPER charming. Sweet, fun, old fashioned books like this just endlessly delight me.

Have a wonderful Halloween! I'm hoping to be able to get in some 'Stranger Things 2' action after the trick or treating is done tonight.


  1. SO cute, I will read it someday. I had all of October thread the Practical Magic prequel and FAILED to finish, let alone blog it, by Halloween. October was crazy, but November will be worse for us. December will be PSYCHO. I am trying to enjoy the ride....

    Stranger Things was awesome, though. The girls made sure I got through that!

    1. to read, not thread. ugh, I hate phone typing.

    2. ooooh I want to read that book too!!! good luck with the schedule - stay calm and breathe deep my friend.